February 5, 2013


Hi everyone!

I finally have a new post for you guys. Today I wanted to show you how my everyday make up face looks like. Of course it differs from day to day, for example when I have a free day and spend it at home or go to the gym I don't like to put make up on. I try to avoid wearing make up when it's not necessary because I feel my skin can breath better without. Foundation can clog up your pores so avoid it as much as possible and make sure to scrub your face once to twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells and leftover make up. 

When do I wear make up? Everyday I go out. I am definitely the type of girl that feels more confident with some make up on. It makes me feel more like a woman. And I love how I can show my mood through my make up. When I'm feeling happy and it's a nice, sunny day I will wear a more natural face. This means foundation, bronzer, mascara. When it's going to be a hard day I will emphasise my eyes with black liner and a lot of mascara.

On an average day I will use these products: 
1. Foundation - Super Stay 24h, Maybelline: I have this foundation in the color nude. I really like it, and it does stay on for the whole day. It provides full coverage, which I love when I have a blemish or breakout.
2. Bronzer - Biguine: A little bronzer goes a long way, so I try not to overdo it. A little on the cheekbones is good enough for me on an everyday base.
3. Black liner: I don't have a favorite brand of black liner, I switch it up pretty often. I usually apply this on my waterline or when I want a more dramatic look, I also apply it lightly on my eyelid and smudge it out to create a soft smokey look. 
4. Mascara - Scandal Eyes Rimmel: I love this mascara, it gives my lashes the perfect amount of volume for an everyday look. 
5. Lip balm - Labelo: My lips get dry and crusty quick. So I put on this lip balm as much as I can. Especially in the winter time when my skin dries out fast.

Sometimes I do add some extras like lipgloss, blush, eyeshadow or concealer. But on an everyday base I try to keep it simple and quick in the mornings. 

Do you think I wear a lot of make up? Or not enough? Let me know! 

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