March 29, 2013


It is recommended to scrub your face once to twice a week. But what is it actually good for? First of all it removes dead skin cells, which will make your face look younger. It also keeps your skin looking smooth and healthy because it exposes new skin. You can also use a scrub when you feel like there is makeup on your face you don't seem to get off, a scrub is a little bit more rough then tonics or gels, so it will get all of those leftovers off.

What you will need
1. Lemon juice (fresh/organic preferably) 
2. Cotton pads
3. Sugar (coarse preferably OR brown sugar)

How to use it
4 - 5. Squeeze some lemon juice on your cotton pad 
6. Put some of the sugar on the cotton pad
Wet your face with some warm (not hot) water. Start scrubbing your face in upwards circles. 
Rinse your face with warm water and dab dry with a towel. Moisturize like usual. 

I also use this scrub on my cleavage area to make the skin look more glowing. Another tip is to do this scrub before you apply self tanner, it will give you more even and longer lasting results! 

I hope you will try it out, it's definitely a cheap and healthy alternative for the drugstore scrubs! 
Enjoy your soft and smooth skin. 

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