March 20, 2014


Smoothies are an essential element of my diet, I consume one everyday after working out to provide my body with  the vitamins and minerals it needs. While pre-made smoothies can be a little tricky, you don't know how fresh the ingredients are and how much additional ingredients -like sugar and syrup- are added, homemade smoothies are as healthy as you want them to be. You can basically add any type of fruit or veggie you want, and make as much as you like to turn it into a healthy snack or lunch.

So what exactly is so healthy about a smoothie? First off the water in the fruit hydrates your body. Especially after a workout your body needs lots of water, besides drinking water during and after your workout, you can also get it out of fruit and vegetables.
Also the yoghurt has some benefits. It helps absorb protein and promotes the digestion, which makes it great for a faster metabolism and will give you an energy boost. 

My standard smoothie recipe:

1 banana
frozen mixed red fruit
frozen blueberries
250 gr of low fat cottage cheese
almond milk
orange juice
light grenadine (stevia based)

This is the order I put everything in my blender:
First the 250 grams of cottage cheese, then almond milk, orange juice, banana, frozen fruit and finally the light grenadine. 
Mix the ingredients until all chunks are gone and you are left with a smooth substance.
Top it off with some muesli and decorate with some fruit. 

Sometimes I change up the ingredients. Depending on which fruits are in store, I will add mango, pineapple, oranges or strawberries. Some days I will add some greens like spinach or cale to create a green smoothie. The green color might not be as appetizing as a yellow or pink smoothie, well don't let it scare you! You barely taste the veggies since the taste of the fruit and grenadine are overpowering. 

I eat this smoothie everyday as a lunch and it's about 370 calories, it varies of which brands you use and how much muesli you add.

Do you include smoothies in your daily diet? If so, what's your favorite recipe? I always like to learn (and taste) more smoothie recipes! 

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  1. I really enjoy fruit smoothies, but I also like to make a peanut butter chocolate smoothie! Plain frozen yogurt, banana, peanut butter, chocolate almond milk. I also add chia seeds or flax seeds depending on how I am feeling!