October 10, 2013


Weight gain during fall and winter months isn't just a scary myth, be afraid cause the extra pounds are very real! Cold makes us hide inside in warm and lazy environments and less sunlight makes us feel down and moody, we try to compensate the winter blues by eating our favorite comfort food.
There have been studies that have proven the average person will gain up to seven pounds during the colder seasons of the year. Are you dreading to loose those extra pounds by the end of winter? Well I have some tips that will help you keep it tight and make it easy to hold on to your hot summer body!

TIP 1 -The first and probably most important tip is to stay motivated!
In the summer you can find motivation everywhere. Looking your best for that best friend's Summer wedding, going on vacation and wanting to fit in that new neon bikini, the pool parties during the weekends...
When it gets colder, it also gets harder to find that motivation you need to push yourself diet and working out wise . This is why it's important to find the true reason for wanting a fit physique. Also remember that it's way easier next Spring to reach your ideal Summer body when you have a head start because you kept working out throughout colder months!

TIP 2 - Maintain your diet
During Summer our diet consists of healthier and overall less food. We crave refreshing, light products like salads and veggies. Fresh fruit is more accessible and less expensive, it's easier to hold on to a balanced and nutritious diet. A lot of the healthy foods will no longer be in season which will lead to increasing prices during Winter. More difficult yes, impossible no. Look for fruits and vegetables in season like citrus fruits, apples, cabbage and broccoli. And switch your salad for a nice bowl of homemade soup or a wok dish.

TIP 3 - Reward yourself
Do not forget why you started losing weight or started your healthy lifestyle journey. When you had a good week or month reward yourself with a treat that is something other than food. For example a new running T-shirt or a pair of shoes. And don't feel guilty about it, you deserve this reward. This trick will keep you motivated throughout the year!

TIP 4 - Get some sunlight
Go outside for a walk with the dog or go shopping with friends. Even when the temperatures are below zero the sun can give you energy and brighten up your mood. Just half an hour of sunlight a day will elevate your state of mind and keep you from munching on sweets.

I hope you found these tips useful and are motivated to hold on to your summer body throughout the whole year!

Thanks for reading and good luck! 

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