April 6, 2013


Hi everyone!

I thought I'd share a new workout playlist with you. I've been hitting the gym 5 times a week recently to get in top shape for summer, which means I need a lot of different songs to change it up while working out!

But why does music help you with your workout? I found this explanation online:

Music acts as an ergogenic aid to exercise. Ergogenic means "an increasing capacity for bodily or mental labor especially by eliminating stimulus". There are five strategic ways that music influences physical activity and in turn performance and in turn performance and motivation. Dissociation, attainment of flow, synchronization, arousal regulation and acquisition of motor skills. Dissociation, or music to make the mind forget feelings of fatigue, causes the body less effort, and the exerciser feels happier. When the exerciser experiences dissociation, the workout is more fun and there is more motivation to continue.

The effect of the music depends on the BPM (beats per minute). A warmup requires less BPM (80 - 100 BPM) than a cardio workout (112 - 115 BPM). So it's useful to save your upbeat music for later on in the workout and start off with more calm music!

Here is my list of favorite tunes of April 2013:

Destiny's Child - Lose my breath

Jennifer Lopez ft. Fabolous - Get right (remix)

Kat Deluna ft. Akon - Push Push

Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne - Down

Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera - Feel this moment

Usher ft. Ludacris & David Guetta - Rest of my life

Nicole Scherzinger - Boomerang

Taylor Swift - I knew you were trouble

Enrique Iglesias ft. Sammy Adams - Finally found you

Calvin Harris - Drinking from the bottle

I definitely notice a difference between working out with or without music. Do you notice a difference? Or maybe you have other motivators?

x x x