November 30, 2012


Hi everyone!

So winter is right around the corner.. That means black, greys and browns everywhere. Outside, in food (comfort food, still jummy though..), in fashion and makeup.

I wanted to show some of my favorite colorful eye-makeup looks you can wear all year long. I think these are great to wear in the daytime or for a night out. Especially if you're a big fan of the little black dress, this type of makeup will add some color to your partylook!

My three favorite colors are green, blue and purple. These colors can be worn with each eye color, though experts match brown eyes with all three colors/ green eyes with purple or green/ blue eyes with purple.. But I really think it's just a matter of finding the right shade of these colors and experimenting with the amount of color you add to your eye.

Some of my favorite looks:




I hope you try it out!

x x x

November 23, 2012


Hey guys!

I have an outfit of the night for you today. I wore this one for drinks with a friend. I tried to keep it simple yet trendy. The deep blue blazer gave the finishing touch to the outfit i think. Hope you like it!

blazer - H&M
skinny jeans - Zara
top - H&M
heels - Zara
necklace - souvenir from Tenerife
bag - New look

November 22, 2012


Hello everybody!

My birthday is coming up in a week and I've made myself a little wishlist of gifts I would like to get. Of course I don't expect to get everything for me B-day.. but hey, Santa is almost coming to town right?

1. Iphone case. I found these ones online, but I basically want one in a bright color or one with some bling on it. Pimping my phone, ow yeah!
2. Disney Couture Dr. X Bracelet. I saw this one on ASOS and love the diversity and colors.
3. Make up brushes. I've always bought my make up brushes separately, but I feel it's time to move on to a full set. Not sure yet about the white color, knowing me it will be black after one week...
4. Faith Shannon Studded Heeled Ankle Boots. Found these ones on ASOS. Love the studs in the back and strap in the front.
5. Golden rose watch. I know the Michael Kors watches have been booming lately, I wouldn't necessarily need one of this brand, I just love the color and style of these watches. They are so easy to style with bracelets. (No disrespect Mr. Kors, you can always send me one, please, thank you!)
6. Unapologetic, Rihanna. Love her music!
7. Studded frame bag. This one is from ASOS, but I have seen them around everywhere lately. I love the rock n roll touch these bags give to any outfit.
8. Kardashian Kollection: Glitter Hoop Earrings - Faux Hematite and Glitter Pendant Necklace - Goldtone. The Kardashian Kollection has really surprised me, I think the sisters created some very nice pieces. I find especially their jewellery very classy, yet original AND affordable.

What is on your birthday wishlist?


Hey guys!

I have a really fun and trendy tutorial for you. You may already be familiar with this nailtrend, ombre nails. Ombre means shading in French, it's shades or colorpallettes that go from dark to light. Youhave probably seen the ombre hairstyle a lot the last two years. Celebs like Khloe Kardashian, Rachel Bilson and Lily Aldridge have been rocking it.

Khloe Kardashian 

Rachel Bilson

Lily Aldridge

I really like these natural looking hairstyles, so obviously I'm excited this is coming through in fashion, make up and nails!

How to get ombre nails:

1. Put a coat of nailpolish on your nails. Any color you like.
2. Put a second coat of the same nailpolish on your nails, to make it opaque.
3. Take a sponge, cut it about the size of your nail (a little bit bigger, will apply easier). Put your two nailpolishes on the sponge like shown in the picture. Overlap the colors a little bit in the middle to create the ombre effect.
4. Use the sponge on your nail, dap it on. Do not keep dapping it because you think the colors aren't visible enough. Let your nail dry and put on a second coat.
5. The nailpolish is on, only need to clean it up a little. Take a cotton pad with some nailpolish remover and clean the edges up.
6. Put a top coat on your nails to make the colors last longer and to avoid your nail from chipping.
7. You are done! Show your cool nails off and experiment with some original color combinations!

French Manicure Ombre