June 26, 2013


Uneven, thinning or receding hairlines are not only men's problems, women can get them too and they can sometimes lead to self esteem issues. When I say uneven hairline, I mean a hairline that appears to be thinner in some places than others. This is often caused by lighter and blonder hairs close to or in the hairline. Especially when the rest of your hair is dark it might seem as if you're hair is thinning overall. 

Girl with uneven hairline

The easy solution for this problem is to get bangs, your problem will be invisible immediately. Bangs come in al shapes and forms, from side swept to full on straight cut or short pixie bangs. They can be a nice change and will lead to a total makeover in just one salon visit. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt with sideswept bangs

Emma Watson with pixie cut bangs

 If you're really not a fan of a banged hairstyle or you have bangs but want to wear a tight slicked back ponytail once in a while, then I have another trick for you to disguise an uneven hairline. 

This little trick was recently revealed by Khloe Kardashians' stylist Jen Atkin. He told Cosmopolitan he often uses eyeshadow along the hairline in the same color as his client's hair, to shade the scalp. It will make the hair appear thicker and is especially useful when you are attending a party or event where there will be taken pictures. The eyeshadow offsets the highlight on your scalp that the flash brings on, which can make your hair look thinning. 

All you need is an eyeshadow brush and eyeshadow in the same color as your hair (not shimmery). Fill in the thinning hairline and make sure to blend very well. That's it! 

It's a very easy trick, but probably not a realistic one on a daily basis, I can already imagine going to the gym with a filled in hairline and have brown sweat dripping from my head..  But it is definitely a great tip to try out for a night out or a party. 

Khloe Kardashian with filled in hairline

Khloe Kardashian with ponytail and filled in hairline

Kim Kardashian with high bun and filled in hairline

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

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June 24, 2013


Scrambled, boiled, hard boiled, sunny side up,... I love eating eggs in the morning in all kinds of ways. They keep me satisfied until lunchtime and are a great source of protein which is essential in a balanced diet. However, eggs are still known amongst many people as fattening and high in cholesterol, people still try to avoid eating too many eggs, and especially egg yolk. I did the research and gathered some surprising and interesting facts about eggs everyone should know.    

Egg yolk stimulates the brain 
A high amount of vitamin B is found in egg yolks. This leads to an improved neurotic functioning. It has also been proven that eating eggs will make you happy. Egg yolks will break down in your body to a substance that produces happy hormones as serotonin and dopamine. 

Bright yolks
The color of the egg yolk tells you something about the food the chicken ate. When your egg has a bright yellow or orange yolk, the chicken will most likely had a lot of grains filled with carotenoids. The color doesn't necessarily effect the nutritional value of the egg. 

The color of the egg shell doesn't matter
It doesn't matter if your egg is white or brown, the color only depends on the race of the chicken. The nutritional value is not effected by the color of the shell. However white eggs are still preferred in the United States and brown eggs are preferred in Europe. 

Eggs will keep you from snacking
When you eat a protein filled meal for breakfast, you will lose more weight. Eating eggs in the morning will stabilize your appetite and cravings for unhealthy snacks and sweets during the day. 

Egg whites and not so whites
Cloudy egg whites indicate that the egg is very fresh. Clear egg whites indicate that the egg is aging. When the egg whites are pink or have an iridescent look it means that there is spoilage and the egg should be thrown out. 

Nutritional facts
A large egg contains 75 calories and 5 grams of fat. Eggs contain the highest quality food protein known, the only thing higher is mother's milk. Egg protein contains the perfect mix of essential amino acids, which is necessary to build muscle, and essential vitamins and minerals. 

How many eggs a week?
As many as you want according to The Department of Health. BUT they have to be part of a healthy and balanced diet. In an analysis there was concluded that eggs contain 20% less fat and 13% less cholesterol in eggs than 30 years ago. 

I hope you found this useful and will enjoy an egg every once in a while!

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June 21, 2013


First of all, I have to admit I don't clean my makeup brushes nearly enough. It is a job I like to postpone as much as possible. Every time I'm going to put makeup on, I make myself believe I will clean my brushes after. But well, every time there also seems to get something more important or more fun in between that makes me delay it one more day. The worst part of this procrastinating behavior is that it is completely unnecessary. Cleaning makeup brushes only takes about ten minutes of your time, depending on how many you need to wash.

Besides that it is also a job that needs to be done. Dirty brushes transfer old makeup and bacteria each time you use them on your face. This can lead to pimples and clocked up pores. And honestly, it feels so much more fun to apply makeup with a clean brush!

To avoid dirty brushes and keep the hairs soft it is recommended to give them a biweekly wash.


A bowl
A towel
Baby shampoo or mild hand soap (or olive oil) 


1. Fill your bowl with warm water (not hot water).

2. Pick out the brush you want to wash.

3. Dip the brush in the warm water, making sure all the hairs are wet. Avoid getting water on the handle (some handles can discolor or get damaged when they get in contact with water). 

4. Put some drops of the baby shampoo (or mild soap/olive oil) onto the hairs of your brush. Use 1 -2 drops for small eyeshadow brushes and 3-4 drops for blush and foundation brushes. 

5. Rub the shampoo through the brush, making sure all the leftover makeup gets off the hairs. 

All the makeup will leak into your bowl. You can now see how much leftover makeup there was stuck in your brush. 

6. Rinse out your brush gently. Make sure to treat the hairs carefully so they won't fall out or change form. 

7. Push out all the water using your fingers. Again, do this gently to avoid any damage to the brush. 

8. Lay your brush(es) out on a towel and leave them there to dry. Turn them a couple of times so all sides can dry equally. This process will take up some hours, so it is smart to do this right before bedtime, then you can use your brush(es) when you wake up in the morning! 

  • You can also use a jar instead of a towel to let your brushes dry
  • DO NOT use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process. This will change the shape of your brush. 
  • If you have brushes with real hair, you can put some conditioner on them after the wash. This will make the bristles extra soft. 
  • Instead of using baby shampoo or mild soaps, you can also buy brush cleanser. Brands like MAC, L'OrĂ©al and Clinique sell these types of cleansers. 

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June 18, 2013


Hi everyone! Today I'm showing you again how I started off my week diet-wise. I've been switching it up a lot for breakfast and opted this Monday for a filling oatmeal for breakfast. I love to begin my day with oatmeal, it keeps me easily satisfied until lunchtime and it also contains a lot of vitamin B, which will help maintain a healthy nervous system and metabolism. I added some cinnamon (also a boost for the metabolism) and blueberries for flavor.

For lunchtime I had a salad with smoked salmon and melon. I added some whole grain pita bread with olive oil and slices of light mozzarella cheese. I just put it under the grill for 5 minutes and it's done! It's a yummy addition to any salad and it provides me with the carbs I need to get through the rest of the day.

Dinner consisted of grilled chicken and some veggies. I've been eating bigger meals at lunchtime and smaller meals in the evening. When growing up my biggest meal a day was dinner, but it is more logical and healthy to eat more (nutritious) calories during the day and less at night so you will feel more energized.

My evening snack consisted of some fruit, crackers and nuts!


oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries


salad with tomatoes, cucumber, smoked salmon, melon, olive oil/balsamic vinegar 
whole-wheat pita bread with light mozzarella cheese, grilled in the oven


grilled marinated chicken with asparagus, mixed salad, green beans, fresh pineapple and ketchup


some melon, pineapple, mixed nuts and mediterranean crackers

Did you start off your week healthy? 

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June 17, 2013


Candice Swanepoel showed up last thursday at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in New York looking a little different. She lightened her golden blonde locks to a platinum blonde shade. Candice said she impulsively dyed her hair two hours before the event because she felt the need for a change. The Victoria's Secret model added that "blondes do have more fun"! 

I personally love to change hair colors and I can only support those who aren't afraid to change it up. Considering Candice makes a living off her looks, it was definitely a risk to ditch her natural girl next door look. I've always thought the South African model was a beautiful girl with an amazing body, but the platinum blonde hair makes her appear more edgy and high fashion. I think it was a positive impulse that can only boost her modeling career even more! 

Although I love the lighter shade, her hair does look more dry and damaged. I hope she'll  take care of her bleached manes with enough repairing masks and serums, but I'm sure she'll have 20 hairdressers to back her up with her new look.

Candice with her signature golden blonde shade:

Candice now:

How do you prefer Candice? Blonder or super blonde? 

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June 14, 2013


Hi everyone! I went to the Rihanna concert in Antwerp last week and absolutely loved it! Rihanna gave a great performance and made me an even bigger fan! The music, dancers, decor and fashion made it a fabulous 2 hour concert. If you have the chance to go to the Diamonds World Tour I would recommend it! I did some research about Rihanna's stage outfits and thought I'd share them with you.  

Outfit 1

Rihanna's first outfit was designed by Italian fashion designer Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. It features an over-sized black printed and hand embroidered parka. Under the parka Rihanna wore a black leather bra, a sheer black shirt and high waisted black and gold shorts. 

Outfit 2

The next outfit features some sexy white python custom Christian Louboutin boots. These were combined with a dress from the Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons for Dior. She finished off the look with blue circle sunglasses, the whole look was nineties inspired. 

Outfit 3

A tight bustier and pants by Rihanna's costume designer Adam Selman, paired with Manolo Blahnik snakeskin boots. 

Outfit 4

Outfit number four was a very feminine and sexy red halter with a wrap-around skirt. Rihanna wore this outfit during the ballad part of her show. The red ensemble made her look very enchanting while she danced slow and sexy to the music. 

Outfit 5

A Selman creation. A dollar bill themed halter dress paired with metallic Pierre Hardy shoes. 

Outfit 6

Rihanna saved the best for last. I absolutely loved her last outfit. It was a silver Lanvin jumpsuit.  It is cut out in all the right places, so Rihanna's chest tattoo is able to peep through. When she first got this tattoo, I didn't think we would be seeing a lot if it, but she definitely loves clothes that show off her body art! The bombastic silver necklace adds even more sparkle to the look, perfect to wear during her encore song "Diamonds". 

Overall I really liked Rihanna's fashion choices for the Diamonds World Tour. Outfit number 1, 4 and 6 are certainly my favorites! I think Rihanna really tried to show off her versatility and different sides of her personality through these fashion choices. She went from badass to sexy to beautiful. The only thing I was "disappointed" by was her hair. She was sporting too yellow locks for my tasting. I prefer her with long natural hair or a short extreme, edgy do. This looked more like an in between stage going from black to blonde! 

Although there was a lot of criticism from the Belgian media, about Rihanna starting an hour late and being intoxicated on stage, I definitely got what I had paid for. An exciting show with special effects, Rihanna's best songs and killer fashion. I always find it exciting to see a celebrity in real life because they always look so different. But RiRi looked like herself and how she comes across on tv and in magazines: girly, fun and amazing. She's a true inspiration and I will definitely buy a ticket for her next World Tour! 

Some footage from the concert: 

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June 8, 2013


Khloe Kardashian has been looking fierce the last couple of months! She has been hitting the gym a lot and it is certainly showing off. She refuses to diet and has instead jumped on the healthy lifestyle wagon which includes regular workouts and portion control. 

Some recent quotes from Khloe about diet and exercise:

"I love food and I feel like life surrounds at the dinner table, that's where you spend quality time so I don't want to sacrifice in that area. I would rather work out and eat what I want than to starve." 
"If I want something sweet or I want a cookie, I will have one instead of eating a whole box of cookies." 
"It is definitely hard work, it doesn't happen over night but as long as you're consistent, that is the key."

Very wise words from the youngest Kardashian sister. Getting fit is the right goal, not getting skinny. My opinion is that crash diets give you temporary results, while you will benefit from a healthy lifestyle in the long run. 

Here's Khloe in three different fabulous outfits, promoting the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians. 

Colorful working girl

Khloe on her way to the recordings of the Today show on May 28. She's wearing a colorful Clover Canyon dress which accentuates her figure in all the right places. Matched with orange accessories, coral lips and super straight ombre hair she looks super trendy and ready for summer. 

Little Black Dress hottie  

Khloe was seen leaving her hotel in New York looking hotter than ever in a skin-tight black dress paired with a red lip! The lace up black booties definitely make the look more edgy and interesting.

Comfortable traveler 

A perfect comfortable but stylish outfit to travel in, a jeans shirt paired with loose black pants. Khloe matched the lace up black booties with this outfit too. She opted for a more natural makeup look this time, with soft smokey eyes and a nude/pink lip color. 

I think Khloe looks amazing in all three looks and I love her super long ombre hair. I keep thinking the ombre hair trend is going out of style because it has been around for some years now, but Khloe is obviously not over it!

Do you have a favorite look? 

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