October 30, 2013


Hi everyone, today I have another product review for you. This time the hair masks of Franck Provost are on the test. I have tried two of the masks, one for damaged and dry hair and one for colored hair. 

For damaged and dry hair. 
The mask strengthens and repairs hair and consists reconstructing ceramide. 

For colored hair. 
The mask protects and adds shine to the hair. It consists anti-oxydant acai extract. 

This is how the masks look like. The texture is something between liquid and thick, they are both white and look and smell very similar.

What I like about the Franck Provost masks
The smell is pleasant and stays in the hair for a couple of days. I like it when I move my hair you notice the very soft perfume in it. 
Straighten and smoothen the hair. When I have teased my hair the night before will I put on the mask after and all knots will be gone. I can comb through my hair easily without causing breakage. 
The masks don't make my hair greasy.
The price. These masks are 5 euros per pot of 400 ml. Definitely budget friendly. 

What I don't like about the Franck Provost masks
Although they provide quick results, I doubt they recover my damaged hair or make my hair color last longer. The texture of the mask doesn't feel quite thick enough to really nurture my hair. I also notice when I use the masks for a long time (a couple of weeks in a row) they loose their effect and my hair is less shiny and soft. 
I can't really notice a difference between the two masks. Which means it doesn't really matter which one you try out. 

Will I buy the Franck Provost masks again? 
I probably will. I don't like them enough to make them my go to brand, but when I'm sick of my current mask I will probably try these ones out again when I pass them at the supermarket. 

Hope you found this review useful!   

x x x

October 28, 2013


Since posting the "Tips on maintaining your Summer body through Fall&Winter",I decided to gather some inspirational quotes and pictures that will motivate you to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the year. Most of the time I am motivated enough to exercise 5-6 times a week and eat healthy, but when I do feel like I'm in a rut or am bored of the same routine I do need some motivation. 

So where do I find this type of inspiration? First off, I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who is the biggest gym addict I know. He loves to go to the gym and get his testosterone level up, then come home as fast as possible and show off his ripped muscles. Besides making me laugh with his silly bodybuilding poses, it does also motivate me to sculpture my own body and to reach my own goals. 
Talking to (or looking at) people in the gym or in your personal social circle with a drive for fitness can be very inspiring. They can push you to work out and even give you some tips on how to get better results. 

Another way I get motivated is by looking at inspirational quotes and pictures about fitness and health. They give you a kick on the days you're not feeling the exercise atmosphere. Just look through photo galleries on facebook (Fitness Girls, Fitness Inspiration, Sexy Freak, Powerfit Nutrition are some of my faves) or Tumblr and get your butt to the gym as soon as you're questioning of going. 

There are also two quotes I always remind myself of on my off days. First off I ask myself; "Will I feel better or will I feel worse after my workout?" And the answer has never been worse! A workout gives my body a boost of energy that keeps me going all day and clears up the mind. It's true what they say, the gym is like therapy. 
The second thing I remember is; "Sometimes you just gotta do it". It's as simple as that. Somedays you do NOT want to go out and sweat your ass off, you just want to lay on the couch with a bag of chips and Sex And The City on all afternoon. Well these are the days you need to get up and just do it! Only people with will power will reach their goals. And don't you want to be one of them? Remember, if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you! 

I hope you have found some inspiration in my words, and as a bonus here are some of my current favorite fitness quotes/photos!

Good luck everyone! 

x x x

October 24, 2013



It's time to take a trip to the dark side, and not just for Halloween! 
Plum and dark lips are the make up trend of the moment. Every stylish beauty in Hollywood is rocking the vampy dark lip. You can't go wrong by wearing plum and dark lip the upcoming months.  The only thing that will happen is you turning heads for looking all romantic and trendy!
If you find this look too much for everyday wear, try it out for night time drinks or dinner with that special someone. 

Ashlee Simpson

Chanel Iman

Miranda Kerr

Angela Simmons

Kim Kardashian


Ombre hair, ombre shirts, ombre nails,... OMBRE EVERYWHERE. And now there is the ombre lip. The ombre trend has been booming the last couple of years and isn't ready to fade out just yet. And personally I find it to be a good thing, I have to admit the dark-to-light effect can look very hip and cool! 
Ombre lips have been around since the beginning of 2013 and are still on trend for Fall and Winter. It's a very simple way to change up your everyday make up look, but can add tons of spice and sassiness to your look! Choose pink and purple tones for a soft and girly feel, go for red and dark tones for a more intense and sexy night out look. 
Here are some examples that can inspire you to create your own ombre lips!  



Hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to try out these lip trends before the year is up! 

x x x

October 22, 2013


Hi guys! I have another Menu Mondays for you today. 

The weather is getting colder but I'm not letting it affect my diet, I'm still in hot weather spirits and am craving light salads and fruit! 
The days I don't prepare a salad, I like to eat fresh soups or whole grain sandwiches with lots of veggies. 

Here's how I started off my week!


yogurt mixed with light grenadine, a kiwi, a banana, Special K and granola


three slices of dark whole grain bread with smoked salmon, cucumber and salt and pepper


tuna salad with cucumber, corn, tomato, spring onions, carrots, light mayo, some pieces of cheese and fresh pineapple (it didn't really work with the salad, so I took it off and ate it after I finished the salad!)


a banana sliced in half, spread with some peanut butter, then dipped in oats and granola

Hope you enjoyed this Menu Mondays! 

x x x

October 21, 2013


I have another mascara review for you today! This time it's another one from L'OREAL, the Volume Million Lashes Excess Black Mascara. The description of the mascara says that the new anti-clump wiper removes surplus mascara, which leaves you with separated lashes, dramatic volume and no clumps. Opulent volume meets sleek definition! 

Time to test this baby out! 

The brush is long, thin and black. L'OREAL describes it as the new Millionizer Brush with a multitude of bristles which separates lashes for opulent volume. The Excess Wiper removes excess mascara.

On the left, my lashes without mascara.
On the right, my lashes with the Volume Million Lashes Excess Black mascara.

What I like about the Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara
Adds length to my lashes
Separates lashes, no excess mascara on my lashes and very little lumps
The brush is easy to handle, especially for bottom lashes

What I don't like about the Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara
The biggest selling proposition, volume, isn't realized in my opinion. Instead of adding depth and fullness the mascara provides mainly length. 

Would I buy this mascara again? 
I overall like this mascara but I wouldn't buy it again. Simply because there are better options. I prefer the False Lash Wings mascara (also L'oréal) over this one.

If you want to try the Volume Million Lashes Mascara Excess yourself you can get it at the drugstore from the price of € 16,99.

x x x

October 10, 2013


Weight gain during fall and winter months isn't just a scary myth, be afraid cause the extra pounds are very real! Cold makes us hide inside in warm and lazy environments and less sunlight makes us feel down and moody, we try to compensate the winter blues by eating our favorite comfort food.
There have been studies that have proven the average person will gain up to seven pounds during the colder seasons of the year. Are you dreading to loose those extra pounds by the end of winter? Well I have some tips that will help you keep it tight and make it easy to hold on to your hot summer body!

TIP 1 -The first and probably most important tip is to stay motivated!
In the summer you can find motivation everywhere. Looking your best for that best friend's Summer wedding, going on vacation and wanting to fit in that new neon bikini, the pool parties during the weekends...
When it gets colder, it also gets harder to find that motivation you need to push yourself diet and working out wise . This is why it's important to find the true reason for wanting a fit physique. Also remember that it's way easier next Spring to reach your ideal Summer body when you have a head start because you kept working out throughout colder months!

TIP 2 - Maintain your diet
During Summer our diet consists of healthier and overall less food. We crave refreshing, light products like salads and veggies. Fresh fruit is more accessible and less expensive, it's easier to hold on to a balanced and nutritious diet. A lot of the healthy foods will no longer be in season which will lead to increasing prices during Winter. More difficult yes, impossible no. Look for fruits and vegetables in season like citrus fruits, apples, cabbage and broccoli. And switch your salad for a nice bowl of homemade soup or a wok dish.

TIP 3 - Reward yourself
Do not forget why you started losing weight or started your healthy lifestyle journey. When you had a good week or month reward yourself with a treat that is something other than food. For example a new running T-shirt or a pair of shoes. And don't feel guilty about it, you deserve this reward. This trick will keep you motivated throughout the year!

TIP 4 - Get some sunlight
Go outside for a walk with the dog or go shopping with friends. Even when the temperatures are below zero the sun can give you energy and brighten up your mood. Just half an hour of sunlight a day will elevate your state of mind and keep you from munching on sweets.

I hope you found these tips useful and are motivated to hold on to your summer body throughout the whole year!

Thanks for reading and good luck! 

x x x

October 9, 2013


I know it's already Wednesday but here's my Menu Mondays after all! Since I came back from Sardinia I've been hitting the gym almost every day. I've been on a workout high and am trying to make my diet as healthy as my exercise routine. To fully develop muscle and tone I'm trying to eat more protein and less carbs. I want to maintain my summer body throughout the colder seasons and maybe even improve it! Of course I'm still enjoying my cheat meals and some cocktails during the weekend... but on Monday it's back to business! 

My diet this Monday looked like this...


two eggs
two Cracottes (light crunchy toast) with some peanut butter
a cappuccino with some almond milk 


yoghurt and skinny cottage cheese mixed with some light grenadine
some blueberries, nectarine, banana, nuts, oats and cereal


a salad with cucumber, tomato, red peppers, hot peppers, spring onions, beans, tuna and a yogurt vinaigrette 


a fitness cereal bar, white chocolate flavor 

Talk to you soon! 

x x x

October 3, 2013


Nature's slowly preparing for colder weather and a scenery makeover is unavoidable! Colored leaves on trees, grayer skies and pinecones on the ground. It are only a couple of signs that the seasons are changing once again. The end of Summer can be a bit depressing on your mood, the hot days and summer vacations are on hold for a couple of months and it takes some adjustment for mind and body. If you are a Summer lover like me, a mood booster can be very welcome during the first weeks of Fall. Giving yourself a little Autumn hair makeover is the perfect start to get into Fall season! 

I gathered some of my favorite Fall Hair Trends of 2013 to inspire you for your very own hair makeover!

Slicked Back Hair

Slicking back your hair will give you an instant different overall appearance. It is a sophisticated hairstyle that will bring more edge to your look. You can go for a dry voluminous slicked back style which will add more class and maturity, or you can opt for the wet slicked back look that will make you look more high fashion and grunge like.

Voluminous style

Wet style


Braids can be worn throughout all seasons. They are comfortable to wear, are very girly and pretty but look like you spent all morning in the bathroom braiding your hair. By now everyone has seen regular braids and French braids, for Fall it would be a nice idea to experiment with some new braided styles. Go for a fishtail braid, two messy side braids or put some braids in your loosely waved locks to add some playfulness to you do. 

Fishtail Braid

Pixie Cut 

This style is for the daredevils amongst you. Pixie hair cuts have been in for the last two years as many celebs as Rihanna, Anne Hathaway and Miley Cyrus have proven. For a woman it's a big statement to chop off (almost) all of her hair, but if you're mentally prepared for it or have always wanted to go short but didn't quite had the courage for it, Fall 2013 is definitely the time to take the plunge! 

Ombre Hair 

If you've been wanting to go ombre, Fall is your season! To make your ombre hair look believable Fall is the ideal season to switch your monotone locks to this trendy hair color. The ombre hair style starts with dark roots and fades into lighter ends, giving the impression that your sunkissed locks from Summer are naturally growing out.
If you are already on the ombre wagon, it might be time to switch things up and go for more extreme choices. Maybe add some warm colors to your ombre do or finish your style off with some bangs!

Buns Everywhere

Putting your hair in a bun is for many ladies a matter of comfort. It's an easy way to get your hair out of your face while doing chores in the house or while working out. 
Since 2013 buns have also become popular amongst designers and fashionistas. Buns are besides easy also very versatile in style. You can use a sock, donut, braids, extensions, and so on to change the look and feel of your bun. You can make your bun as messy or neat as you want, which makes it a style you can wear at school or work, but also during fancy dinners and parties. 

I'm definitely going to experiment with the braids and buns and am also considering some sort of ombre color change. 
What about you, are you changing it up for Fall? Or are you playing it safe and sticking with your regular style? 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

x x x