March 31, 2013


Sheer clothing can be sexy, cute, classy and sophisticated all at once. But there is a fine line you need to be aware of. If you cross this line and go to the extremes with the trend, you will be looking like you didn't have enough money to buy the rest of your outfit...

Sheer fashion remains a trend for Spring and Summer of 2013, so I thought I'd give some tips to rock this chique style.

First of all, let's start with how you don't want to look.

DON'T do this

Nipple slips
OK when it's by accident, but not wearing a bra under see trough fabric...Hmmm.. only when you're out for a publicity stunt or if you're auditioning for Pretty Woman. 

Trashy look
This was a look of BitBit back in her Darker Days. Combining too many colors/accessories. Plus the bra isn't appropriate to show off in public, not stylish enough. 

Completely sheer skirt
Showing off all the goodies for free. Not very classy.

Completely sheer leggings/trousers
Even with a high and tight booty, it's not showing any class.

DO this

Opt for dresses that have cut out sheer parts but still cover enough of your body to keep it sophisticated. 

Take a completely sheer blouse dress and put on an opaque under layer.

Dresses with accent sheer sleeves.

Blouses & Shirts
Always wear a nice, basic or lace bra/top under your blouse. Keep the rest of the outfit simple, with a high waisted leather, a pair of black leather leggings or a pair of jeans. 

Make sure the skirt is only see trough where you want it to be. Opt for flashy or girly colors like bold blue and soft pink to create a flirty look. 

Do you have any favorite sheer pieces in your closet?

x x x


March 30, 2013


So Spring is here and Summer is only a few months away! Yeaah, finallyyy! Wintertime has always been my least favorite season of the year (except for the Holidays). I am someone who is cold everywhere, all the time. I absolutely despise low temperatures and can't stand cold or snow, it makes me agitated and moody.

Summer on the other hand... is to me sun, cocktails, vacations, BBQ, ice cream, festivals, strawberries, passionate nights, beach and... BIKINIS!

Oh right, Summer also means tiny short shorts, floral skirts, bare legs, tube tops and parading in a bikini on the beach with EVERYONE judging every inch on your body (or at least it feels like that). Hmmm..
It is always a little bit scary when you're invited, last minute, to a Birthday pool party or to a day at the beach with friends. You didn't have time to wax those unwanted hairs (without getting the rash the day after) or get that sunkissed spray tan to look less pale next to your "I'm always naturally tan"- friend. But most importantly you didn't get a chance to work that extra mile at the gym to get rid of those Winter -muffin- pounds.

That's why you need to prepare yourself NOW. Don't let Summer surprise you this year, it will be there in a heartbeat. To make sure you feel comfortable in your bikini (or monokini) you need to start working out regularly and start a healthy diet with lots of fruit, vegetables and water. I have always been a pretty sporty girl and loved working out, but in cold and snowy days I cheat a little bit (too often) on my healthy lifestyle with a bag of Doritos chips or chocolate cookies on the cosy couch.
And of course there are some days I need that extra push to go to the gym and work out. A workout buddy can definitely help. You can keep each other on the right track and set up workout dates at the beginning of each month so you both have no excuses to back out of your training session.

Another way I get motivated is by looking on the internet at pictures of toned and healthy looking women. I try not to pin myself on one particular person or picture. If you don't reach the exact same results you might loose your drive. Every woman is built differently and has their own uniqueness and strengths. Just try to find inspiration in fit looking women and celebs and use this to look your own best!

The results you will get will only depend on your own effort and motivation. Don't let anything or anyone keep you from your goal, YOU are the one in control of your own body!

Here are some pictures I get inspired by...

Killer abs

Toned arms

Defined legs

Inspiring words...

And finally... 

Have a nice workout! 

x x x

March 29, 2013


It is recommended to scrub your face once to twice a week. But what is it actually good for? First of all it removes dead skin cells, which will make your face look younger. It also keeps your skin looking smooth and healthy because it exposes new skin. You can also use a scrub when you feel like there is makeup on your face you don't seem to get off, a scrub is a little bit more rough then tonics or gels, so it will get all of those leftovers off.

What you will need
1. Lemon juice (fresh/organic preferably) 
2. Cotton pads
3. Sugar (coarse preferably OR brown sugar)

How to use it
4 - 5. Squeeze some lemon juice on your cotton pad 
6. Put some of the sugar on the cotton pad
Wet your face with some warm (not hot) water. Start scrubbing your face in upwards circles. 
Rinse your face with warm water and dab dry with a towel. Moisturize like usual. 

I also use this scrub on my cleavage area to make the skin look more glowing. Another tip is to do this scrub before you apply self tanner, it will give you more even and longer lasting results! 

I hope you will try it out, it's definitely a cheap and healthy alternative for the drugstore scrubs! 
Enjoy your soft and smooth skin. 

x x x

March 6, 2013


Another Menu Monday for you guys. I tried to start off my week as healthy as possible again. Take a look with me at what I ate!


2 eggs
2 slices of dark wheat bread
1 cappuccino 


instant noodles (I also added some pineapple and sweet&sour sauce)


cherry tomatoes
6 fish sticks (look a bit burned because I didn't use any fat in the pan, oops.. :) )


special K bar with nuts
cappuccino with a lot of milk

And for drinks I just had water and a can of Coca Cola Zero. 

x x x