August 17, 2013


Last week tweets and instagrammys were all about Queen B's beautiful golden locks, or should I say lack of locks...  By now everyone has seen Beyoncés short new hairstyle and there have been plenty of comments of fans and other celebs about it.

Here are some reactions to B's new hair

Katie Couric: "Love Beyonce's new do! Wish I could pull that off! I've tried...and failed!"

Emma Watson: "Nearly got out my scissors this morning after seeing @Beyonce's pixie cut. I only managed to restrain myself. Close call though..."

Rebecca Black: "BEYONCE NO"

Evan Rachel Wood: "Seriously?! Just when I thought @Beyonce couldnt be any hotter, she pulls this one on me. #damn"

Some quotes from fans

@szl97: "@Beyonce looks like Peter Pan with her new hair cut"

@danielgotskillz: "I actually like Beyonce's new hair cut. Shows how naturally pretty she is."

As you can notice, opinions are very divided. Although many people like the change and applaud the singer for chopping off her famous locks and making the statement she can do it all, a great amount of comments aren't positive or enthusiastic. And there were of course many fans talking about Beyonce just taking out her hair extensions and not getting her hair cut. Beyonce is known for wearing wigs and weave, and well if that is all it was, the change isn't that drastic.

BUT her hairstylist swears that isn't the case. She claims Beyonce has truly been blessed with great, thick long beautiful hair and that she DID chop it all off.  She even got a little teary eyed because she felt like her own hair had been cut!

Rihanna and Miley Cyrus took the plunge before, and while they look edgy and sexy I'm not liking B's pixie cut. Beyoncé has always been known for being a sexy curvy woman with shiny long manes. You can even say her hair is a part of her performances, it fits into the choreography and she can whip her hair like no other woman can.

And it look like Beyonce thinks that as well.. A couple of days ago she was already spotted with longer hair, a cute bob that's short in the back and longer in the front (clearly a wig).

Apparently Beyonce is feeling a little insecure about her "I want short hair"diva moment. She will be performing this weekend and rumor has it she told her stylist to bring 40 wigs, in case she decides to ditch the pixie cut last minute...

Let's take a look at some hairstyles Beyoncé has worn in the past.

What's your favorite hairstyle on Beyonce? Do you like her daring short pixie cut? And what style should she try out next? I would love to see her experimenting with red shades, she hasn't really explored that field and I think it would be a sexy change for the diva! 

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August 11, 2013


Long, strong nails are a matter of a patient mind, filing and good genes. When you are a nail biter or don't like to wear your nails long because you don't find them practical, you can cheat once in a while with false glue on nails for a special occasion. I'm a big fan of glue on nails because of their cheap price and easy appliance. 

HOWEVER, I did have a lot of problems getting these kind of nails off when I was sick of them. I tried cutting, filing and acetone to remove them but always ended up with ripped and damaged nails after. 

Until I discovered this product in my drugstore. It's from the same brand as my false nails, Broadway Nails.
The product consists of a pot with a dissolving liquid in it.  

These are the instructions 

My nails when I was about to remove them

Before using the product you will need to cut your fake nails shorter.

 Step 1

Dip your finger into the pot and leave it in for about 1 minute. After this, you start turning your nail against the pink plastic pieces of the pot. Do this for about 2 minutes.

Step 2

Remove your nail out of the pot. Check how your nail looks like. As you can see the false nail has been mostly dissolved, but not enough. Dip your finger in the pot again and repeat the first step. 

 Step 3 

Take a cotton pad with some nail polish remover and remove the final leftovers. 

Step 4

Use a nail file and/or buffer to clean your nails completely and to ensure their health. 

This is the final result, how my nails look after removing my falsies. They are a little bit shorter than before I applied my glued nails, but they're in a very good state and health. 

Thanks for reading! 

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August 5, 2013


Dry and damaged hair can be the result of a lot of things. Using heated tools like straighteners and curling wands without applying a heat protectant first, a lack of vitamin B in your diet, scrunching your hair up in a bun, dyeing your hair,... But how much damage does hair dye bring to your locks? Is it really that bad to change color or freshen up your color on a regular basis? I did the research and I'm sharing my findings with you in this post!

The amount of damage from a dye job depends on a couple of things:

1. Health of your hair

It is possible your hair is already damaged even before it's ever been touched by a drop of hair dye. Hair can get easily damaged by not taking care of it properly. Here are some tips to improve the state of your locks:

Condition after every wash
Use a hair mask at least once a week 
Use a heat protectant before drying or styling your hair with heated tools
Get a regular trim, every two - three months to get rid of split ends. Even when you're growing your hair out it is a necessity! 
Be careful combing your hair when it's wet, your hair is more vulnerable wet. You can damage it by combing or brushing too roughly. A great tool to comb wet hair is the Tangle Teezer, a brush made completely out of plastic with flexible pins. 

2. Chosen color

In the mood for a drastic change? Going from jet black to platinum blonde to try to cope with a life crisis? Been there! But not exactly what your hair is waiting for... A drastic color change can damage your hair and cause terrible breakage, which WILL lead to you needing to chop off a big chunk of your hair. Stripping and bleaching hair is especially bad because it will always dry out your hair. So keep in mind to opt for subtle hair changes, work with highlights and lowlights or colors that are two shades lighter or darker than your current hair color. This might be a slow process to get to the color you want but it will limit any possible damage. 

3. Type of hair dye

There are natural and artificial kinds of hair dye. The artificial ones, think of L'oréal and Garnier, will damage your hair more than the natural ones. Many of the permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes that are available at the drugstore contain ammonia, which is known to dry out and damage hair. 
More and more hair salons have been working with ammonia free and natural dyeing products, so that is a plus!  

Plant base hair dyes are considered permanent to semi-permanent, depending on a person's hair type. The most famous example of a natural type of hair dye is Henna. This plant can be used to achieve orange, red and auburn hair colors, depending of which ingredients you mix it with. 
Another natural hair dye is Indigo, which creates brown and black colors in the hair. 
These natural hair dyes often provide more shine and a longer lasting result, but after using a natural hair dye on your hair, you won't be able to use artificial hair dye (for example bleach) until your hair has grown out. Your hair will literally break off when you do (plenty of horror stories on the internet!). So keep that in mind! 

4. Repair & rest

When you did take the plunge and changed your hair color you will most likely love it or absolutely hate it and want to get rid of it immediately!!! First of all: DO NOT PANIC! The worst thing you can do right now is run to your local drugstore and buy 10 boxes of hair dye and hope at least one of them will work. Using a different kind of hair dye on your freshly dyed hair will 100% for certain damage your locks. Wait at least 14 days to use another hair dye on your hair, just sit it out and use plenty of nutritious masks and hot oil treatments. In a couple of weeks, months or years, depending of your sense of humor and amount of self-mockery, you will laugh about this awkward orange or blue phase, while combing through your shiny locks.

Hope you enjoyed this article and will keep these tips in mind! 

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