November 16, 2014


 The last couple of years I had been hearing lot about heat protectors, but never found the need to purchase one. With all the repairing shampoos, conditioners, masks and serums in my bathroom I couldn't quite find the space nor time for it. 
But after passing by the L'Oréal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Satin in store, I caved in and decided to find out if there really was any added value to these protectos that could make my locks healthier and prettier.

This is what L'Oréal says about the spray: 
"L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Satin is specially adapted to your straightening routine with heated appliances. The advanced triple action formula:
Protects from heat damage up to 230°C, with proven efficiency, leaving your hair shiny and soft like satin.
Helps smooth hair and lock out frizz and humidity.
Locks in a straight look for up to 3 days.

How to use the spray: 
Press button to unlock the trigger. Spray on damp hair from 15cm away. Its lightweight formula evenly covers your hair from root to tip for optimal results. Comb through and blow-dry with a round brush. For added volume, focus on roots and blow-dry head upside down."

What I like about the L'Oréal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Satin:
The button to lock the spray (see picture above) is very useful. You can take the spray on vacation without having worries about it leaking in your luggage.
I also love the reach of the spray. It's pretty big (a lot of hair gets in touch with the product per spray), which makes it easy and quick to spread out the product around all of your hair.
It has a nice typical L'Oreal scent. I really love all the hair sprays scents from L'Oreal. Probably something nostalgic that reminds me of my mom, back in the days you HAD to spray an entire can of hair spray before leaving the house.

What I don't like about the L'Oréal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Satin:
It leaves the hair greasy very quick. You have to test out the spray a couple of times before finding the right amount to use. Even one or two or two sprays too much, left me with "didn't wash my hair in a week" looking and feeling hair. I wouldn't recommend using it on the roots for extra volume either (like it says in How to use the spray), unless you're going for the slicked back (wet) volume look.
I haven't noticed a difference in the condition of my hair. It hasn't gotten healthier or shinier since using the spray.

Would I buy the L'Oréal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Satin again?
Probably not. I haven't noticed a lot of advantages from using the spray. I would more likely pick up a different heat protector once this one runs out. 

If you like to test the spray yourself, you can find it at the drugstore or online for about €4,98.

Hope you found this review useful! 

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