November 24, 2015


December is always a good month to spoil yourself without having to feel guilty. It's Christmas time, you get a bonus at work, new year new you,... Plenty of excuses to spoil yourself a little more this time of year. 
These are some items I have been lusting over the last couple of days. Hopefully I can call some of them mine very soon! 

1. Adidas Originals NY Track Top 

(source: Patricia Bright Instagram, CLICK HERE)

2. iPhone 6 case, Zero Gravity


3. Larsson & Jennings CM Black watch

(source: Larsson & Jennings CLICK HERE)

4. ANTI album Rihanna

(Coming soon)

5. White henna hand tattoo 

(source: Pinterest, similar: ASOS CLICK HERE)

Do you have any of these items on your wishlist? Or any other suggestions I should add on mine?  

x x x

November 23, 2015


Now that the ombre trend has officialy been branded as "last season", there have been plenty new hair color trends popping up. 
Question is, are they truly different or are they basically the same thing wrapped in a different paper?

Ombre hair has been the most wanted hair color of the past four years. In all sizes and colors people started experimenting with the style. From blunt transitions to subtle sombre to crazy colors… It has all been tried and errored.

But as the subtle variation “Sombre” sounded a little too familiar, AND at the same time makeup countouring became a massive thing, it was only a matter of time someone came up with the term Hair Contouring.

So what exactly is it?
It basically is a technique where hairdressers play with light and shadow to create a flattering result for the face. Dark shades are used for shadows, highlights  are used to create space. This technique allows you to slightly change your face shape and accentuate the best features.

Some examples:

You have a long face and want to make it look fuller. 
Go for dark roots with highlights around the jaw line. This will accentuate your cheeks and jaw, the broadest part of your face.

Sarah Jessica Parker

You have a round face and you want to elongate it. 
Add highlights all over the head, starting from the roots. Add some dark balayage close around the ears.

Chrissy Teigen

pointy chin asks for more balance at the top of the head. 
Back to basics, classic ombre is the way to go in your case. You want to narrow the top of your head and widen the chin and jawline. Keep the top of your head dark and everything from the jaw down light. 

Sarah Hyland

I really like this new technique that takes personal facial features into account. 
Just like not each eye shadow matches every eye color, not every hair color matches every face shape. 

A customized hair style instead of everybody following the same dyeing method is definitely a trend I'm rooting for in 2016! 

x x x

February 24, 2015


Sunday night the Academy Awards 2015 took place in Los Angeles. Another reason for Hollywood to take out their best suits and most expensive dresses to walk the red carpet and celebrate great film.
As I live in Belgium I'm always asleep while the ceremony is broadcasted on television, but I do enjoy to watch clips and pics from the show and afterparties the day after! I feel like the Oscars are still the biggest event in Hollywood, and everyone goes extra glamorous for the night.
And even though you can't go wrong with classic, it's nice to notice creativity and personal touches. Personally I loved Meryl Streep's tailored black tuxedo jacket and Lupita Nyong'o's beaded dress!

A hairtrend that was very present was the long bob. It was sneaking its way through the fashion and beauty-industry in 2014, and many celebs have picked it up in 2015 as well. Especially blonde "lobs" (long bobs) were popular Sunday night.
These were the three ladies who rocked the trend best!

Naomi Watts

Naomi added a soft wave to het asymetrical bob to achieve a classic glamorous look. The dark lipstick makes the look a bit more edgy, which I really like. It kind of reminds me of Ashlee Simpsons' hair in her music video of LOVE.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Rosie went for the big chop pretty recent and has been going shorter since every time we see her. The former Victoria's Secret model looks great with both long and short hair, but the shorter locks really draw the attention to her full lips and eyebrows. Which are both very in at the moment!

Margot Robbie

Yes! Margot Robbie is finally back to her old self! She was seen as a brunette most of 2014, but you have to call a spade a spade and think she looks so much better and more natural as a blonde.

The Australian actress matched her blonde bob with red lips and a statement necklace for a dazzling red carpet look!

So what's your take on the long bob trend? Are you taking the plunge yourself or are you waiting til the storm blows over and everyone is back into long wavy hair?

I'm still in between, but am more towards sitting it out! I just love long girly hair too much!

x x x