March 31, 2013


Sheer clothing can be sexy, cute, classy and sophisticated all at once. But there is a fine line you need to be aware of. If you cross this line and go to the extremes with the trend, you will be looking like you didn't have enough money to buy the rest of your outfit...

Sheer fashion remains a trend for Spring and Summer of 2013, so I thought I'd give some tips to rock this chique style.

First of all, let's start with how you don't want to look.

DON'T do this

Nipple slips
OK when it's by accident, but not wearing a bra under see trough fabric...Hmmm.. only when you're out for a publicity stunt or if you're auditioning for Pretty Woman. 

Trashy look
This was a look of BitBit back in her Darker Days. Combining too many colors/accessories. Plus the bra isn't appropriate to show off in public, not stylish enough. 

Completely sheer skirt
Showing off all the goodies for free. Not very classy.

Completely sheer leggings/trousers
Even with a high and tight booty, it's not showing any class.

DO this

Opt for dresses that have cut out sheer parts but still cover enough of your body to keep it sophisticated. 

Take a completely sheer blouse dress and put on an opaque under layer.

Dresses with accent sheer sleeves.

Blouses & Shirts
Always wear a nice, basic or lace bra/top under your blouse. Keep the rest of the outfit simple, with a high waisted leather, a pair of black leather leggings or a pair of jeans. 

Make sure the skirt is only see trough where you want it to be. Opt for flashy or girly colors like bold blue and soft pink to create a flirty look. 

Do you have any favorite sheer pieces in your closet?

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