October 22, 2013


Hi guys! I have another Menu Mondays for you today. 

The weather is getting colder but I'm not letting it affect my diet, I'm still in hot weather spirits and am craving light salads and fruit! 
The days I don't prepare a salad, I like to eat fresh soups or whole grain sandwiches with lots of veggies. 

Here's how I started off my week!


yogurt mixed with light grenadine, a kiwi, a banana, Special K and granola


three slices of dark whole grain bread with smoked salmon, cucumber and salt and pepper


tuna salad with cucumber, corn, tomato, spring onions, carrots, light mayo, some pieces of cheese and fresh pineapple (it didn't really work with the salad, so I took it off and ate it after I finished the salad!)


a banana sliced in half, spread with some peanut butter, then dipped in oats and granola

Hope you enjoyed this Menu Mondays! 

x x x

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