October 9, 2013


I know it's already Wednesday but here's my Menu Mondays after all! Since I came back from Sardinia I've been hitting the gym almost every day. I've been on a workout high and am trying to make my diet as healthy as my exercise routine. To fully develop muscle and tone I'm trying to eat more protein and less carbs. I want to maintain my summer body throughout the colder seasons and maybe even improve it! Of course I'm still enjoying my cheat meals and some cocktails during the weekend... but on Monday it's back to business! 

My diet this Monday looked like this...


two eggs
two Cracottes (light crunchy toast) with some peanut butter
a cappuccino with some almond milk 


yoghurt and skinny cottage cheese mixed with some light grenadine
some blueberries, nectarine, banana, nuts, oats and cereal


a salad with cucumber, tomato, red peppers, hot peppers, spring onions, beans, tuna and a yogurt vinaigrette 


a fitness cereal bar, white chocolate flavor 

Talk to you soon! 

x x x

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