October 3, 2013


Nature's slowly preparing for colder weather and a scenery makeover is unavoidable! Colored leaves on trees, grayer skies and pinecones on the ground. It are only a couple of signs that the seasons are changing once again. The end of Summer can be a bit depressing on your mood, the hot days and summer vacations are on hold for a couple of months and it takes some adjustment for mind and body. If you are a Summer lover like me, a mood booster can be very welcome during the first weeks of Fall. Giving yourself a little Autumn hair makeover is the perfect start to get into Fall season! 

I gathered some of my favorite Fall Hair Trends of 2013 to inspire you for your very own hair makeover!

Slicked Back Hair

Slicking back your hair will give you an instant different overall appearance. It is a sophisticated hairstyle that will bring more edge to your look. You can go for a dry voluminous slicked back style which will add more class and maturity, or you can opt for the wet slicked back look that will make you look more high fashion and grunge like.

Voluminous style

Wet style


Braids can be worn throughout all seasons. They are comfortable to wear, are very girly and pretty but look like you spent all morning in the bathroom braiding your hair. By now everyone has seen regular braids and French braids, for Fall it would be a nice idea to experiment with some new braided styles. Go for a fishtail braid, two messy side braids or put some braids in your loosely waved locks to add some playfulness to you do. 

Fishtail Braid

Pixie Cut 

This style is for the daredevils amongst you. Pixie hair cuts have been in for the last two years as many celebs as Rihanna, Anne Hathaway and Miley Cyrus have proven. For a woman it's a big statement to chop off (almost) all of her hair, but if you're mentally prepared for it or have always wanted to go short but didn't quite had the courage for it, Fall 2013 is definitely the time to take the plunge! 

Ombre Hair 

If you've been wanting to go ombre, Fall is your season! To make your ombre hair look believable Fall is the ideal season to switch your monotone locks to this trendy hair color. The ombre hair style starts with dark roots and fades into lighter ends, giving the impression that your sunkissed locks from Summer are naturally growing out.
If you are already on the ombre wagon, it might be time to switch things up and go for more extreme choices. Maybe add some warm colors to your ombre do or finish your style off with some bangs!

Buns Everywhere

Putting your hair in a bun is for many ladies a matter of comfort. It's an easy way to get your hair out of your face while doing chores in the house or while working out. 
Since 2013 buns have also become popular amongst designers and fashionistas. Buns are besides easy also very versatile in style. You can use a sock, donut, braids, extensions, and so on to change the look and feel of your bun. You can make your bun as messy or neat as you want, which makes it a style you can wear at school or work, but also during fancy dinners and parties. 

I'm definitely going to experiment with the braids and buns and am also considering some sort of ombre color change. 
What about you, are you changing it up for Fall? Or are you playing it safe and sticking with your regular style? 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

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