June 6, 2013


Happy Anniversary Sex and the City!!

Today, June 6 2013, it is exactly 15 years ago the very first episode of SATC aired on television. Which means the show is celebrating it's 15th birthday today! I am a huge SATC fan and I couldn't let this day pass without a little tribute to my favorite New Yorkers. 

The TV show was for a lot of viewers much more than half an hour of  relaxing TV after a stressful workday. It was an influential story where tons of women could relate to. SATC has empowered women all over the world and inspired them in many aspects from fashion and jobs to sex and relationships. 

 The show was a huge success and ran for 6 seasons from 1998 to 2004. In 2008 the first SATC movie came out in theaters, bringing in 412 million dollar. Two years later, on huge demand of the fans, the second movie was a fact. Carrie and the gang were on the big screen once again! 

Without further ado, here is my tribute for the 15th anniversary of Sex and the City. 

1. THE Tutu
The very first outfit the audience ever got to see on SATC was the tutu. The iconic $5 tutu is shown in the series' opening credits where Carrie seems a little bit lost in the big city. The tutu also made an appearance in the first SATC movie when Carrie is cleaning out her closet and is asking her girlfriends for advice. Their vote? Keep it! 
2. Midi skirt with fanny pack
Who would've thought a fanny pack could ever look this sexy? Carrie wore this horizontal striped midi skirt, bare belly and tight black shirt on a surprise visit to Aidan. She wanted to show him what he was missing while working at his new pub. And.. it certainly worked! After this episode they started dating exclusively again after her cheating scandal with Mr. Big. 
3. Pink and floral midi dress
This Richard Tyler dress was paired with a Louis Vuitton handbag and vintage shoes. Carrie looked incredibly feminine and sexy in this outfit. She wore it on her way to a date with Mr. Big. It was a crucial date, but Carrie had a lot of doubts about whether she should go or not. Eventually she decided to meet up with him, but while trying to avoid a kiss they both fell into the lake. Definitely a hilarious moment for the viewers, not so much for the designer...
4. White romantic ensemble
Carrie draws attention in her casual white dress and her fashion statement white parasol. Only a real fashionista like Bradshaw can take sun protection to a whole other level.  
5. Short and colorful with metallic accents
An interesting mix of soft floral print with hard metallic accessories. Carrie wore this outfit for a day out shopping, but looks like she's already wearing a brand new outfit! 

1. Long & straight out of bed
When Carrie started dating Big - one of the first times - she started wearing her hair straight and added some hair extensions to her already long hair. This style made her look young and cute, it was a new love and a new look for Carrie. 
2. High Bun
This style was very popular with the columnist. A high bun is a quick and easy do that kept Carrie's long curly hair out of the way during hot summer days and nights. 
3. Wild curls
Probably the hairstyle that defines Carrie the most for many SATC fans. Wild, blonde curly locks. It suited Carrie's heart and spirit probably the best. She's a woman that isn't afraid to speak her mind and experiments with fashion like no stylist would ever dare. The big hair makes her stand out and suited her character perfectly.  
4. Sophisticated Vogue do
When Carrie got the job at Vogue she chopped off her voluminous curls and opted for a short sophisticated wavy do. It was definitely a shock for a lot of viewers but it also suited her storyline. A lot of women associate new beginnings with makeovers, it makes it feel more like a REAL new start. Carrie proved she was confident enough to make drastic changes. Throughout the rest of the season she let her hair grow out again to a straight shoulder length bob.  
5. Natural ombre waves
Although her roots have never been perfectly died, the last season in Paris her ombre hair stood out. We can definitely say Carrie wore the ombre style FIRST, way before it was a hype! In the movies she wore very relaxed waves which framed her face and brought some softness to her look. 

94 men have passed the bedrooms (and gardens, kitchens, bathrooms,...) of the four leading SATC ladies. That's as many men as SATC episodes. Of course you can already guess who's mainly responsible for this high number... YUP, it's Miss Samantha Jones. From bartenders and waiters to doctors and writers, the ladies had their promiscuous moments and weren't afraid to hump and dump when their sleepovers didn't measure up to their expectations. I've listed my favorite five Sex and the City hotties, enjoy! 

1. Dante: Gilles Marini

This man made Samantha want to be single again. And let's be honest, can you really blame her? 

2. Dr. Robert Leeds: Blair Underwood

I wish Dr. Robert Leeds had gotten a bigger role in the series, he was such a charming and calm man. His relationship with Miranda came across very sincere and loving! 

3. Louis Leroy (The Navy Stud): Daniel Sunjata

The navy stud wasn't in town for long, but still wanted to spend every moment of his time with Carrie. Too bad he insulted New York which turned our leading gal off, otherwise he might have gotten lucky! 

4. Aidan Shaw: John Corbett

Aidan was a sweet and funny guy. He was very popular amongst many women, especially after he dropped some weight and got a haircut. Unfortunately he wasn't edgy enough to tame Carrie's heart...

5. Mr. Big (John James Preston): Chris Noth

My favorite hot Sex and the City man. He's the bad boy every good girl wants to change. Every girl hopes she's the exception on the rule, Carrie was his. 

Besides the entertaining fashion trends and sexy men, the core of SATC is love. It's a classic but timeless concept of women and men looking for that "one" special person they want to share their lives with. What made this show so successful is the familiarity of Carrie and co with the viewers' own life. Everybody has dealt with break ups, heartaches and new loves. Women loved this show so much because they felt as if Carrie kept faith, they could too. I gathered some of my favorite Sex and the City quotes that have inspired me in my own life and relationships. 

And of course this one is too epic not to mention: 

I hope the Sex and the City fans amongst you have enjoyed this little tribute for the crystal anniversary of this one of a kind TV show. I'll certainly say a little prayer tonight, praying for a third and final SATC movie to catch a glimpse of the lives SATC gals one last time. But until then I'll have 6 seasons and 2 movies I'll have on replay non-stop!

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