June 4, 2013


Hi everyone! This week I'm sharing again what I ate Monday. I had a pretty filling weekend, which included not eating very healthy (midnight snacks, kebab, cake) and drinking a little bit too much (oops)! But hey, I graduated my second degree last week, so I was allowed to celebrate!

It does mean I have to work extra hard at the gym AND kitchen this week. Especially since the weather is going to get hotter this weekend in Belgium and I possibly want to wear some short shorts!

So this is how I started off my "extra" healthy week.


two pieces of toast
Philadelphia light cream cheese
slices of cucumber
smoked salmon
a cappuccino 


two light yogurts mixed with frozen blueberries and some light grenadine, sprinkled some cereal on top
a greek non fat yogurt (I mixed it up with leftover of the other mixture)


a salad with cherry tomatoes, ice berg salad, cucumber, apple and goat cheese in puff pastry with  balsamic vinegar /olive oil


two Grany biscuits with apple and cinnamon, it's 47 calories a piece
(very delicious biscuits for those who love cinnamon, and I loooove it!)

Does nice weather and revealing fashion motivate you to be healthy? 

x x x

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