June 8, 2013


Khloe Kardashian has been looking fierce the last couple of months! She has been hitting the gym a lot and it is certainly showing off. She refuses to diet and has instead jumped on the healthy lifestyle wagon which includes regular workouts and portion control. 

Some recent quotes from Khloe about diet and exercise:

"I love food and I feel like life surrounds at the dinner table, that's where you spend quality time so I don't want to sacrifice in that area. I would rather work out and eat what I want than to starve." 
"If I want something sweet or I want a cookie, I will have one instead of eating a whole box of cookies." 
"It is definitely hard work, it doesn't happen over night but as long as you're consistent, that is the key."

Very wise words from the youngest Kardashian sister. Getting fit is the right goal, not getting skinny. My opinion is that crash diets give you temporary results, while you will benefit from a healthy lifestyle in the long run. 

Here's Khloe in three different fabulous outfits, promoting the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians. 

Colorful working girl

Khloe on her way to the recordings of the Today show on May 28. She's wearing a colorful Clover Canyon dress which accentuates her figure in all the right places. Matched with orange accessories, coral lips and super straight ombre hair she looks super trendy and ready for summer. 

Little Black Dress hottie  

Khloe was seen leaving her hotel in New York looking hotter than ever in a skin-tight black dress paired with a red lip! The lace up black booties definitely make the look more edgy and interesting.

Comfortable traveler 

A perfect comfortable but stylish outfit to travel in, a jeans shirt paired with loose black pants. Khloe matched the lace up black booties with this outfit too. She opted for a more natural makeup look this time, with soft smokey eyes and a nude/pink lip color. 

I think Khloe looks amazing in all three looks and I love her super long ombre hair. I keep thinking the ombre hair trend is going out of style because it has been around for some years now, but Khloe is obviously not over it!

Do you have a favorite look? 

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