June 1, 2013


The Nivea Calcium Power nail polish is a shock resistant polish with calcium for stronger nails. The Power Polymer System contains film formers that ensure a long lasting, durable, chip resistant finish. 

I didn't buy the polish for this reason, I wear false nails a lot so my nails won't benefit from the calcium. But I did love the color! Hot Coral is a very fresh color for spring and summer and very versatile in combining it with outfits. 

Other than that, the nail polish paints on very easy and even. I only needed two coats to get an opaque result. I painted my nails 5 days ago, and the color still lasts without any chips! 

 For those of you who love coral nails, I would definitely recommend the Nivea Calcium Power nail polish in 48 Hot Coral! 

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