June 18, 2013


Hi everyone! Today I'm showing you again how I started off my week diet-wise. I've been switching it up a lot for breakfast and opted this Monday for a filling oatmeal for breakfast. I love to begin my day with oatmeal, it keeps me easily satisfied until lunchtime and it also contains a lot of vitamin B, which will help maintain a healthy nervous system and metabolism. I added some cinnamon (also a boost for the metabolism) and blueberries for flavor.

For lunchtime I had a salad with smoked salmon and melon. I added some whole grain pita bread with olive oil and slices of light mozzarella cheese. I just put it under the grill for 5 minutes and it's done! It's a yummy addition to any salad and it provides me with the carbs I need to get through the rest of the day.

Dinner consisted of grilled chicken and some veggies. I've been eating bigger meals at lunchtime and smaller meals in the evening. When growing up my biggest meal a day was dinner, but it is more logical and healthy to eat more (nutritious) calories during the day and less at night so you will feel more energized.

My evening snack consisted of some fruit, crackers and nuts!


oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries


salad with tomatoes, cucumber, smoked salmon, melon, olive oil/balsamic vinegar 
whole-wheat pita bread with light mozzarella cheese, grilled in the oven


grilled marinated chicken with asparagus, mixed salad, green beans, fresh pineapple and ketchup


some melon, pineapple, mixed nuts and mediterranean crackers

Did you start off your week healthy? 

x x x