April 16, 2014


Look what I found on the red carpet this week... it's a first celeb who's totally ready for bikini season! 
Jessica Simpson has been on a weight loss journey the past year and it looks like she's close to reaching her destination. The mommy of two showed off a slimmed down and toned body at The John Varvatos 11th Annual Stuart House Benefit in West Hollywood this weekend. The bright yellow dress and the big smile can only mean one thing, Jessica is feeling good about herself and wants to prove to critics and haters she's back to her old self!  

A quick reminder of how Jessica looked pre- weight loss and pregnant of her second child.

Here is how she looked like in October 2013, a couple of months after giving birth. Jessica already lost a lot of weight.

Jessica Simpson is obviously proud of her hard work and results, here she's posing for an Instagram picture in the gym.

And back in February the singer was looking amazing as well. Here she was showing off her defined arms and legs in a Weight Watchers commercial.

It seems as if Jessica is very motivated to become a sexy mommy and is putting in a lot of work! Being a spokesperson for Weight Watchers must also help to stay motivated. In the past I've noticed WW being one of the most successful diet programs amongst people in my direct environment. It is known for being a healthy lifestyle plan that promotes a variated diet with cheat meals once in a while, which makes it easier to stick to than popular crash diets. 

I really hope Jessica can reach her goal (if she hasn't yet) and finds inner peace with her weight. She certainly has had to deal with a lot more criticism about her weight and looks than necessary during her career and pregnancies! 

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