April 9, 2014


The lilac/pastel hair trend is still going strong and seems to have a hold of many experimental celebs! It's a pretty risky hair change that can't be pulled off by everyone, but some fashionistas in the fashion and blogger industry get away with it very well. 
Most recent Miss Nicole Richie has put the lilac locks trend to the test. The mother of two has tried out many hair styles in the past and here's another one she can cross off her "to try out" list. 

Nicole said she isn't the only one who loves her pastel hair change, her kids love it too. It reminds them and their friends of the Disney movie "Frozen". How cute!

Blogger and YouTube star Evelina Barry has died her locks lilac, and later pink, as well.

Kelly Osbourne was one of the first ones to try out the lavender hair color years ago and got a lot of backlash for it, especially from her own mother! But is now considered a trendsetter thanks to her bold hair makeover.

Lauren Conrad looked like a completely different person showing off her lilac locks on her blog, too bad it was only an april fools joke! The former reality queen is still rocking her trademark beachy blonde shade.

If you want to try out the lilac hair trend yourself I have some tips for you before you get started! 

First of all, consider the risk of it going wrong. Lilac hair is not a natural hair color, so you might not like it at all. It can clash with your skin tone and can be hard to adjust to. Also inform at your school or work if they will make a problem of your changing look. The last thing you want is to waste money and time on your new hair color and having to change it back after one day... If it is a problem, find a better time to try it out for example during a vacation! 

Still scared to go completely lilac? Dip dye your tips first! You get used to the bright color against your face and it is already a fun change. 

So still ready for the change? Here's how to achieve the look!
First you need to bleach your hair as light as possible. It's very important to get your hair as white as possible, the pastel color will look brighter and prettier on white blonde hair than on golden blonde hair. Since bleaching is a pretty tricky process to do at home, I wouldn't recommend anyone trying it. Especially when you're going for a completely pastel head. If you only want the pastel dip dye, you can probably get away with a box dye at home. But always read the instructions carefully, you don't want to end up with fried purple hair! 

Once your hair is the required blonde shade, you can start with the fun part! Pick out your favorite pastel hair dye and a white conditioner. 
Some good hair dye brands are: Directions Lilac (Pastel Purple), Directions Lagoon Blue (Pastel Blue), Pinks by Stargazer (Pastel Pink). 

Put the white conditioner into a bowl and mix in the pastel dye. Add as much as you like until you achieve the right color. Keep in mind that the color you see in the bowl will also be the color your hair will look like in the end. 
Wrap your hair in a shower cap and ley the dye develop for 30 to 45 minutes. 
Wash your hair with lukewarm water and condition as usual. Dry your hair and check for uneven spots. If necesarry, you need to repeat the dyeing process again. 

How to keep your lilac locks pretty? Lavender, pink and lilac are difficult colors to maintain because they wash out very quick. If you notice your hair color fading just mix a smidge of hair dye in your conditioner and leave it in for 10 minutes. this will give your hair color a boost. 
Also nurture your locks very well! You've put them through a lot, bleaching and dyeing is very damaging, so make sure to use conditioner, hair masks and serums! 

Good luck! 

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