August 17, 2013


Last week tweets and instagrammys were all about Queen B's beautiful golden locks, or should I say lack of locks...  By now everyone has seen Beyoncés short new hairstyle and there have been plenty of comments of fans and other celebs about it.

Here are some reactions to B's new hair

Katie Couric: "Love Beyonce's new do! Wish I could pull that off! I've tried...and failed!"

Emma Watson: "Nearly got out my scissors this morning after seeing @Beyonce's pixie cut. I only managed to restrain myself. Close call though..."

Rebecca Black: "BEYONCE NO"

Evan Rachel Wood: "Seriously?! Just when I thought @Beyonce couldnt be any hotter, she pulls this one on me. #damn"

Some quotes from fans

@szl97: "@Beyonce looks like Peter Pan with her new hair cut"

@danielgotskillz: "I actually like Beyonce's new hair cut. Shows how naturally pretty she is."

As you can notice, opinions are very divided. Although many people like the change and applaud the singer for chopping off her famous locks and making the statement she can do it all, a great amount of comments aren't positive or enthusiastic. And there were of course many fans talking about Beyonce just taking out her hair extensions and not getting her hair cut. Beyonce is known for wearing wigs and weave, and well if that is all it was, the change isn't that drastic.

BUT her hairstylist swears that isn't the case. She claims Beyonce has truly been blessed with great, thick long beautiful hair and that she DID chop it all off.  She even got a little teary eyed because she felt like her own hair had been cut!

Rihanna and Miley Cyrus took the plunge before, and while they look edgy and sexy I'm not liking B's pixie cut. Beyoncé has always been known for being a sexy curvy woman with shiny long manes. You can even say her hair is a part of her performances, it fits into the choreography and she can whip her hair like no other woman can.

And it look like Beyonce thinks that as well.. A couple of days ago she was already spotted with longer hair, a cute bob that's short in the back and longer in the front (clearly a wig).

Apparently Beyonce is feeling a little insecure about her "I want short hair"diva moment. She will be performing this weekend and rumor has it she told her stylist to bring 40 wigs, in case she decides to ditch the pixie cut last minute...

Let's take a look at some hairstyles Beyoncé has worn in the past.

What's your favorite hairstyle on Beyonce? Do you like her daring short pixie cut? And what style should she try out next? I would love to see her experimenting with red shades, she hasn't really explored that field and I think it would be a sexy change for the diva! 

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