May 16, 2014


The final touch to every day or nighttime look? A couple of sprays of your favorite perfume! I seriously can't leave the house without wearing perfume. I don't know what it is, but I don't feel complete when I forget those sprays. 
I guess smelling bad is still a bit of taboo, since bad odor is associated with bad hygiene. 

On shopping days I always go in a perfume shop to check out new scents, I love to discover new ones. But the last couple of months I haven't been able to find better ones than these two! 

The first one is the Armani Code Summer 2014 fragrance. 
My mom gifted me the scent after a holiday and I've been hooked since. 
This is the official description: "The brightness of the southern Italian sun and the freshness of the Mediterranean air: the newest interpretation of seduction - Armani Code Summer. Features orange blossom, pear sorbet, ginger and musk creating a fresh sensual fragrance." So basically a summer vacation in a bottle, what's not to like about that? 

My second favorite fragrance is an Emporio Armani one. The Emporio Armani Diamonds fragrance was on my birthday wishlist last year, and will probably be on it this year again! I know this scent has been around for a while, but there aren't expiration dates or OUT stamps on scents in my book. 

The official description: "The sensory blend is a surprising gourmand fragrance to give a stone a flavour and to a woman a self confident and audacious feeling. The rose, a symbol of femininity is made edible and succulent through the addition of a touch of litchi and raspberry.

I prefer to wear this fragrance at night since it adds an instant sexy touch thanks to the feminine ingredients. I have gotten many compliments when wearing this perfume from both girls and boys! The fact that Beyonce promoted this perfume is only the cherry on top! Because who doesn't want to smell like Beyonce right? 

Do you have a favorite fragrance? I love to try out new ones so let me know in the comments which one I should definitely try out! 

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