September 28, 2014


Hi everyone! I'm back from a little internet break. Sometimes it's nice to diconnect from the online world, no social media or e-mails can be such a relief. I guess it can be hard for our generation to remember life before the internet, that's why it's nice to make you live it once in a while. 
It can be quite the reminder you're living your own life and own moments, that there's no one online who can feel what you're feeling or think what you're thinking in those moments. 

But now I'm back to reality and ready to share some of my vacation moments.   

I took a trip of nine days to Tenerife with my boyfriend, also my sister and her boyfriend were there some days. We needed a relaxing vacay very bad, as my boyfriend and I have been working hard for the last couple of months and there are some big projects ahead of us. We mainly focused on spending time together and wanted to include rest and action in our trip!

I've been to Tenerife a couple of times which makes it easier to find your way and the nice restaurants, but it can also make it a bit boring. That's why we tried to add some new elements to this trip, like our trip to Masca. Which is basically a hike of three hours in gorgeous surroundings! Sometimes the track gets a little tricky with steep edges and loose rocks but it was so much fun and rewarding when we reached the ocean. We had to take a boat to return to the nearest by village Los Gigantes. Which included a very nice surprise; doplhins. So nice to see these beautiful animals free in nature!  

Here are some pics... 

Watching the sunset


Waiting for our boat...


Deserved a nice glass of wine after an exhausting day!

Delicious salad with tuna and mozzarella

And I guess the end of this post kind of symbolises the end of summer for me! I get pretty sad at every ending of summer, but I'll try to make the best of the cold this year. Afterall, every season has it charms (I'll keep telling myself that through rainy and snowy days..)

x x x

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