September 28, 2014


The newest trend in fashion world is one I'm dying over! I have always been a huge fan of body art like tattoos and henna, but have never taken the plunge myself because I keep on changing my mind of what I want. As long as I'm not 100% certain, I'm staying away from the tattoo shop (yes, I'm boring like that)...
This new fashion hype offers the perfect solution for my fear of commitment though!

So what am I talking about? The metallic flash tattoos are basically a mix of body art with jewellery, and are the new and improved henna! The tattoos add shimmer and sparkle to any outfit and will be the most on trend accessory of the moment.The tattoos stay on for 4 to 6 days depending on how well you take care of them. You will need to avoid soap, lotions and water from the tattoos to keep them intact. And the prices range from €15-€25/ $20-$30 depending of brand and size. 

Here are some examples I really like.


Necklace and hand designs

Body chain 

Wing and bracelets

Also celebrities seem to dig this trend. Queen B herself was seen rocking the metallic look some weeks ago while vacationing in France. Paired with a bronzed skin and bikini, the tattoos can give you an instant princess feel.

And Beyonce didn't stop in the front, as she put them all over her back as well!

I wish I would've found out about this trend earlier, then I would've blinged it up a bit more! But now that summer is over I will probably opt for a visible hand design or neck tat to start with. 

Here are some links where you can purchase your own tats: 

Have you tried this trend already? 

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  1. I bought the Beautiful Non-Permanent Jewelry Tattoos in Gold and Silver package of Flash Tattoos before they were up on the Birchbox site...I saw them/their company on instagram and immediately fell in love. You receive 4 pages of very pretty designs you can cut and customize anywhere on yourself. I love the metallic silver and gold because it is jewelry inspired....everyone has been asking me about them. They do stay on for a long time and look awesome on tan skin.

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