December 11, 2012


Hello everyone!

I have been struggling with the girliest problem of them all: hair! I have always been someone who likes to change up her hair and I can't stick with one style for a long time. When I get my hair done on Monday, I am thinking about doing something else on Wednesday. The only thing that keeps me from changing it up so often is the condition of my locks. I don't want to damage them too much (it is pretty dry already!).

For the past six years I have always had my hair long but changed the color every couple of months. Blonde, platinum blonde, dark brown, reddish brown, brown with highlights, and so on!

Now it is winter again I feel i should go darker again. I like how it makes my hair look healthier and I think it suits the season better.

But dilemma: I know I'll miss my sunkissed blonde locks as soon as I go through summer pictures or see blondies in the streets.

These are my "hair candy boards" that always make me want to change:



Soo.. which color do you think suits me better?

And do you change your hair color a lot?

x x x

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