April 10, 2013


Big, straight, pearly white perfect teeth. It is a common wish of a lot of young women and men. Braces and teeth whitening are in the Western culture a part of personal hygiene.

People with visibly bad teeth often go trough life with low self-esteem and are sometimes even afraid to talk to others. Because what would they think? "That you don't brush your teeth often enough, you're lazy", "That you can't afford to go to the dentist or are too scared", "Or that you eat lots of sugar and don't take care of your diet", and so on.

A lot of people with crooked teeth are even scared to smile. They can't let themselves go during a laugh and try to cover their teeth with their lips or hand, or look away when they really can't control themselves.

I should know,  I used to be one of these people. I had two "vampire teeth", as I like to call them, until I was 20 years old. I had never worn braces because my teeth were fairly straight until I was 15, but those two fangs just kept on growing.. And because fangs on a 19 year old girl weren't exactly "in", this was in the days when Twilight hadn't boomed yet, I decided to do something about it once and for all.

I got the Invisalign braces for 10 months. Yes my braces HAD to be "invisible" because I was too insecure to walk around with normal braces at 19 years old...

Ohh that perfect smile.. So taken for granted when you got those pearly white Britney teeth, so desirable when you don't.

This is why I had to blog about a trend from Japan I recently discovered. Japanese girls aren't fixing their teeth to perfection, no they want the crooked ones! Young women undergo procedures with a price tag of $200-$500 to get imperfect smiles.

This makeunder is called yaeba, and means "double tooth". The look can be permanent or temporarily. And men in Japan seem to love it! They find women sporting these teeth attractive because of the youthful look it gives them. Pop stars, celebs and fashionistas in Japan have made this trend popular.

But what do you think? Will this be a trend that will blow over? Or will we all be heading to our dentists for some crooked teeth soon?


  1. Most of us are grumbling to have a perfect set of teeth; which is good because we benefit from it. But I think it’s a little odd if you opt for the opposite because it’s in the trend. It may sound cool, but it’s still better if you prioritize your oral health needs first before jumping in.


    1. I absolutely agree. People too often prioritize being on trend instead of being healthy. Examples are hair extensions leaving bald patches, extreme dieting, bleaching teeth at home,... It's often forgotten that when you're healthy on the inside, it will naturally show on the outside and your looks will benefit from it.

    2. All it does it take and make the teeth at a different angle. If you floss ( witch they they do this they make sure you can) and brush regularly you wont have any health problems. personally I find yeaba teeth adorable and see it as no different than braces to straiten teeth. I have crooked teeth and I have good dental hygiene so no cavities and no problems. unless its an extreme circumstance straightening teeth is the same as making them crooked. its all about our personal perception of beauty.

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