September 12, 2013


Every girl who chooses shaving as hair removal method has dealt with this problem at least once in her life. Itchy, bumpy and red legs are often a nasty side effect from removing hair with a razor. This common condition amongst shaving women (and men) is often referred to as Razor Burn or Razor Rash, it's very simply said a sign of irritation of the skin. So why do some people suffer more from Razor Burn then others? And why doesn't it occur all the time? Let's solve this bumpy mystery once and for all!


Pressing down the razor too hard. People often think the harder they push down their razor, the shorter the hairs, and thereby more invisible, will be. This is however a misconception. When you're using a sharp blade you won't need to push down the razor harder. Just sliding over your leg will be enough. This is why changing blades or disposable razors is very important when you're a shaver.
Besides razor burn, old or used blades can also lead to ingrown hairs. The hairs are cut and left very sharp, the hairs starts growing again and are pressed against the skin, causing them to go back into the hole, or area around, it came out of. The skin doesn't recognize the hair and tries to push the hair back out. This will lead to a red bump with the hair underneath.

Shaving in the wrong direction. Shaving against the grain of the hair can lead to irritation of the hair follicle, redness and inflamed skin.

Besides shaving in the wrong direction, shaving over the same area many times can cause irritation too. Try to shave each area only one time. When you did shave over an area a couple of times and it lead to bumps or redness, avoid this area a couple of days to let the sensitive skin heal completely.


1. Avoid using any type of product on your legs before shaving. For example body lotions, which can contain a lot of alcohol and dry out the skin. Also avoid shaving when your skin is sweaty. The best results will be attained by first using a mild scrub (for example a sugar scrub), washing your legs with a mild shower gel or soap and after applying your shaving creme.

2. Open your pores with hot water. The skin will be softened by the heat and steam, which will make shaving easier and results better. Take a hot shower of at least 5 minutes to open up those pores! 

3. To avoid ingrown hairs you will need to rinse off your razor frequently while shaving and avoid pressing down the razor too hard. Another tip is to avoid tight clothes around the areas you shaved.

4. Wash off leftover hair and shower creme with cold water. This will close up the pores on your legs and will constrict the skin and help close small cuts and ingrown hairs that are forming. 

5. After you get out of the shower it is recommended to apply some sort of aloe vera gel  or creme on your legs. Why aloe vera? It helps to soothe irritated skin and prevent razor bumps. Let it set for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.

6. The last step is to apply a moisturizing body lotion/ creme without any alcohol, this would dry out your legs. 

Definitely try out these tips if you have razor burn after shaving! You'll be rocking some JLO Venus legs in no time!

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