September 17, 2013


Hi everyone! After a couple of weeks missing, Menu Mondays is back! I've recently been experimenting with some new products, because I felt like my body needed some changes. I've cut out regular (cow) milk out of my diet because I've dealt with some digestion problems and read avoiding milk (and dairy products overall) can help. So I've replaced the cow milk with almond and soy milk, and I can't believe I didn't do it before. The flavors are very sweet and soft, it's definitely a nice change after drinking regular milk for 23 years. Plus they contain less calories! Almond milk about half the calories and soy milk about 10% less calories. 

I've also been loving muesli and oats. Again as part of speeding up my digestion, but I also enjoy the crunchiness and flavor of muesli. However I don't eat loads of it because muesli is pretty calorie rich. 

Besides milk and muesli I've added a lot of spice to my daily menu! I've been eating tons of red peppers (both big, sweet ones & small, spicy ones) , in every salad, and just spicy foods in general. Also a boost for the metabolism!

Let's take a look at the dishes I started my week with! 


2 eggs
2 cracottes
cappuccino with almond milk


blueberry smoothie (yogurt, frozen blueberries, fresh blueberries, some light grenadine for sweetening) sprinkled with some oats and muesli


salad with smoked salmon, tomato, cucumber, red peppers, spring onions, some light mozzarella chunks and a yogurt based vinaigrette

on the side some pita bread sliced in two, some light mozzarella and salt & pepper on top and grilled in the oven for a couple of minutes 

Unfortunately no snack.. I had a pretty late dinner and didn't felt the need for a snack! 

x x x

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