November 19, 2013


Hi guys! Today I'm showing you again what was on my Monday menu! 
As you might have read previously on my blog, I have started a water challenge. I am drinking three liters of water a day during a whole month. And I must say so far, so good. I have been at it for a week and I haven't found it difficult to drink this amount of water. On the other hand, the toilet trips every 20 minutes can be quite annoying... 

Besides drinking more water I promised not to change anything else in my diet to guarantee the most honest results, so I've been following the same eating pattern as I did before. Briefly this means three meals a day and one snack (around 1300 - 1500 calories a day), two cheat meals a week and one day a week alcohol is allowed. 

Let's take a look at what I ate this Monday!


Omelette of two eggs with smoked salmon and a salad with cherry tomatoes on the side.


A bowl of vegetable soup (minestrone inspired except no meat or beans) with some whole wheat bread and peanut butter.


A couscous salad with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, dried tomatoes, spring onions, red peppers, olive oil, mustard vinegar and feta cheese.


One banana with peanut butter, some oats and some mixed nuts.

I think I did pretty well this Monday. The Holiday season, and of course Holiday dresses, definitely motivate me this time of year. I like to make an extra effort in the gym and kitchen so I can indulge a bit more during the Holidays without feeling guilty! 

Have you started off your week healthy? 

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