November 8, 2013


This might sound corny and boring but I am someone who is very aware of UV light and it's deadly consequences. Sadly enough I know many people in my close social circles who suffer from melanoma and skin cancer. They always warn me to stay away from the sun and always protect myself with sunblock, sunscreen and clothing. 
Besides severe consequences of sunbathing and tanning beds, UV light will also make your skin age a lot faster and give you wrinkles. This might sound like far-off problems for girls our age, but I try to think about my body when I'm 50 as much as possible. It motivates me to make healthy choices in the present. The only time you will find me laying out is when I'm on vacation, but I will pack on the sunscreen and cover my face in the shade or under cute hats (my hair color is very grateful too!). 

Still... I have to admit, I LOVE a nice tan throughout Summer and during the Holiday season. A slightly darker shade makes your body look more toned and also makes white and neon clothing stand out more!

I'm assuming everyone has tried a self-tanner on their bodies before. There are so many different products on the market it has become hard to resist these "bronzed cheaters in a bottle". I have been a fan of self-tanner and bronzers for years now. I will discuss my favorite self-tanners in part two, but for now I'm going to give you some tips on how to self-tan your face. 

I know it sounds a little tricky. Obviously you don't want to end up like a giraffe with uneven stains all over your face, but with these tips you can't go wrong! 

1. Choose a self-tanner for the face
Never put a self-tanner for your body on your face. I have tried this before and it will inevitably lead to breakouts. Only use self-tanner meant for the face or for face&body. I use the Garnier Ambre Solaire self-tanner for face and body. It has a very nice sweet smell. 

2. Scrub
You will need to exfoliate your skin with a peel or scrub to remove dead skin cells. Do opt for an oil-free one, otherwise the self-tanner might not be absorbed properly. You can find my homemade lemon-sugar scrub here:
3. Moisturize
You have two options. You can choose to mix your moisturizer with some self-tanner and repeat this for a couple of days. This way you will gradually get a tan and are fully in control of how your tan is going to look. Or option two, you can moisturize dry patches on your face, like around your nostrils, and after put on a layer of self-tanner. This will give you a great tan overnight, ideal if you have a last minute date the next day! 
4. Cover all areas
Just like with your foundation, you need to make sure you cover your whole face and neck. Don't forget your ears and below your jawline. 
5. Wash up!
An important step that is too often forgotten. Your hands will stain after using self-tanner. So when you're done putting it on, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. 

One last tip; if you still messed up and notice a darker spot in your face you can put some lemon juice on a cotton pad and rub it on the stain. This will fade out the self tanner. 

Next time I will show you my favorite self-tanners and my self-tan body routine! 

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