May 21, 2014


You know the feeling when you're purchasing something for the first time on a webshop? 50% of you feels excited, 50% feels scared? Excited for all the new clothes you've been missing out on for who knows how long, but scared for that "will they rip me off?" first purchase. The main things that can go wrong are extra costs, long delivery time and lastly the sizing is off. 

I was recently looking for some playsuits for summer online and bumped into the Australian webshop Peppermayo. And I have to say, it was love at first sight! So many gorgeous playsuits, dresses, tops and sweaters all in one URL, it was a night filled with clicks and saves I won't easily forget. 

After browsing through all pages at least three times, I had made my decision and picked out three different playsuits to test the brand. As I live in Belgium and the company is Australian, I was a bit nervous about extra import costs. I have been surprised one too many times ordering items from across the pond and ending up paying more at the door than for the original product! But miraculously, not with Peppermayo! I didn't pay one euro more than I had paid online during checkout. 

Next up was unwrapping and fitting.
Do you agree the unwrapping is such a stressful proces...? "Will the fabric look the same as in the pictures? And are the colors as pretty as you imagined?" But again, no complaints! SCORE. Only at closer look I noticed some loose threads here and there...

Now the last step, the fitting. All playsuits fit great, except the flowerprint one is a little short. I'll probably cut out the inner part and will wear a thin short under. 

These are the playsuits I bought: 

Smother Playsuit - Neon Pink (currently sold out)

How it looks like on me

Unstoppable Playsuit - Autumn Print 

How it looks like on me

Velocity Playsuit - Navy 

How it looks like on me

(Sorry for my messy room in the background, but when a package arrives I can't control myself...)

Overall I'm very happy with the clothes and service of Peppermayo. Only the flowerprint playsuit is a bit too short, but I'll make it work! I'll show you in another post how I fix the length.

I will definitely repurchase from the website, and if you are interested you can check them out right here:

A last tip if you decide to buy on Peppermayo for the first time is to sign up for the newsletter. Wait a couple of hours and you will receive a coupon code that gives you $10 off!

x x x

Note: There were no additional costs to pay at the door in Belgium, I don't know if this is for other countries.


  1. Thank you for this post! They look great on you :) I just made my first purchase from them... (definitely happy that the pricing wasn't crazy)... but the problem is every time I'm on their site they sell out so fast of my size. I ordered one size up, I'm just wondering if it's going to fit properly... it's a bodycon dress. Do you think the clothes are fitted enough that I could get away with one size up?

    1. Hi there! Yes! I have noticed as well that you need to be fast to get the right size. And sometimes you just HAVE to have an item, so you'll take the size that's left, right? Been there.. too often.. :D
      But I did found the clothes a bit tight sized, so a size bigger than your regular size shouldn't be a problem.
      Let me know how it turned out once you've received your package! :)
      x x x

    2. This was really helpful! I am 5'5 and petite and ordered a size 8 in the Gracie Playsuit in grey. The model wearing the playsuit is 5'8 and wearing a size 6 and it looks a little short on her but not distasteful. Do you think the size 8 will be too long on me?

  2. i have my coupon code but i cant see where i put it in :(

  3. Can you help me, what size did you take ? Im skinny but my bra size is 10D AUS, and I hesitate between 8 or 10 :/