June 2, 2014


It's been a while since I did one of these, but I'm starting off the month with a Menu Mondays! It was a pretty exciting (but also stressful) day for me as I started working at a new company.
And when your daily life changes it's normal your mind and body need some time to adapt. You will need to readjust your morning routine, your social life, your meal plan, your workouts,... I still have to see how the job will progress, and I'm taking it day by day.
I tried sticking to my usual diet today and I'm pretty pleased of how I did! 

Take a look at what I ate this Monday!

I started off the day with some eggs with chicken and a soy milk cappuccino.

I prepared my smoothie (check out the recipe here: in the morning and took it to work with me in hopes there was (room in) a fridge, luckily there was! I also packed some stevia sweetened granola to snack on in the afternoon.

For dinner I had a tuna salad with chick peas, cherry tomatos, cucumber, rucola, red peppers and a yogurt/mustard dressing.

As final meal of the day I prepared my favorite snack. 1 apple with some peanut butter and granola. Great fuel after my evening workout!

Although I was a bit scared of binging during or after my first working day, I kept it healthy and balanced. And since the first day of the week went well, I'm motivated to keep it up the rest of the week! 

Did you start off June healthy in the kitchen and gym? 

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