June 17, 2014


Hair in a ponytail, banana on the go, slamming doors, running for the bus,... One snooze too many and you can check off all of these from your morning list. The working and schoolgoing ladies will definitely recognize it, when you need to be somewhere on time mornings are never fun, they can even be the most stressful time of the day.
 I myself am definitely not a morning person so I try to save as much time as possible and make sure everything goes smooth and easy. I wanted to share some of my personal tips so you can get to your destination relaxed. 

Tip 1: Pick your outfit the day before.
 If you never have anything to wear, like the other 90% of women, this tip will save you a lot of time. Pick out a weatherproof ensemble, from underwear to hair accessories and lay or hang it out. You will look fabulous and put together without spending any time in front of your closet.

Tip 2: Shower in the evening. 
Ten minute saved and super relaxing after a long working day. And why would you need to shower in the morning again? It's not like you do anything that makes you dirty at night, right? Or wait... sometimes you will need to skip this tip!

Tip 3: Don't press the snooze button!
This one speaks for itself, just... don'!!

Tip 4: Go for easy breakfasts. 
Although the easiest breakfast options are probably cereal or a sandwich, or even worse skipping breakfast completely, these are not the healthiest options. You need to fuel your body after sleeping all night and to boost your metabolism for the entire day. Some fast nutritious meals I like to have in the mornings are:
eggs with slices of chicken + soy milk cappuccino or a black coffee
some slices of whole wheat toast with smoked salmon, cucumber and  avocado
a fruit smoothie (super fast!)
overnight oats

Tip 5: Keep it simple.
Don't overdo it on the makeup when you have a long day ahead of you. It can save you up to ten minutes, but even more important it's not good for your skin to wear makeup the entire day. It clogs up your pores which can cause blemishes and acne. Also the more makeup you wear, the more it can get messy during the day. Think of foundation sweating off, shiny skin, smudged mascara, lipstick on your teeth,... I've noticed the less makeup I put on, the better I look at the end of the day. Keep the full on glam face for the weekends and evenings! 

I hope you found these tips useful and if you have any tricks of your own to save time in the morning, please share below in the comments!

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