August 3, 2014


Last weekend I went to the 10th edition of the Belgian music festival Tomorrowland (a three day dance festival) and I had the best time ever! The weather was perfect (except for the one rainy cloud on sunday evening), the DJ's were great, AND I was in great company of my boyfriend and friends! 

Some pics

I only had been to Tomorrowland once before some years ago, when it wasn't that big yet. But the 10th edition I didn't want to miss! As the festival is practically right behind my corner, it's a big thing amongst my social network. Skipping it, is even kind of frowned upon "Why aren't you going? Why are you being boring? It's the best festival in the world!".

But since I was a student the years before I kind of had to pick and choose my spendings and always skipped it from my to do this summer list. Now that I have been working some months I have been able to save up some much needed cash. Because prepare yourself when you decide to go, it is a very pricey event. With entrance tickets (that sell out in hours) of €200, burgers of €7 and coca cola of €4. 

But the prices are easily forgotten when you see the beautiful decors and stages. The Tomorrowland team really works hard to provide a gorgeous fairytale atmosphere. Dressed up partygoers finish off the scenery.

I will definitely try to get my hands on some tickets in 2015. And if you ever get the chance to go yourself, I would highly recommend it! The international crowd makes it a unique chance to meet new people and the Tomorrowland vibe is simply unforgettable! 

Maybe I'll see you there next year! :) 

x x x


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