July 27, 2013


Mmmmm a refreshing sweet ice cold cocktail at the pool or beach can be such a nice addition on a hot summery day. There are so many cocktails out there, from tequila based to coffee tastes, shaken to stirred, red to blues. But what are the best options when you're trying to watch your calorie intake? You don't have to cut out alcohol completely when you want to live by a healthy lifestyle, just switch it up between the light versions and the heavier ones. And of course, alcohol needs to be consumed in moderation and not on a daily basis!

I listed some of the most popular cocktails to give you an idea what to choose from the menu next time you go out for drinks with your girlfriends!

* These are the average amounts of calories per cocktail, numbers will depend of the recipe used and brands of ingredients.

PiƱa Colada takes the crown for most fattening cocktail and Bloody Mary is your healthiest option. But if you're craving the creamy coconutty drink, don't feel too bad about it, everything in moderation won't hurt you. Just don't get too carried away after the second one, neither your body nor your vocabulary will benefit from it. ;-) 

Hope you found this useful and thanks for reading! 

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