December 13, 2013


Christmas shopping can get very chaotic and stressful. Thousands of people shopping last minute for christmas presents isn't exactly considered as the ideal shopping trip... A big tip: online shopping! I find shopping online a true blessing during the holidays, it's super quick and easy and can save you a lot of worries and waiting queues. If you are more brave than me and do go out to the shops, knowing beforehand what you need and where to get it can be a great help! Since shopping for boys is always a bit more difficult, I've created a Christmas Gift List For Him to help you out! Items are available online and in shops.

1. Stash T-shirt - Jack and Jones: ASOS - €16,99. This shirt is neutral, yet funny. A great gift for a brother or friend! A piece of clothing is always a nice gift. Just make sure you know his size and taste.

2. On Ear Headphones - House of Marley - €177. These headphones are so on trend and cool! They are a bit pricey, but House of Marley offers cheaper ones as well!

3. Blue Jeans iPhone Case Faux Denim Wood: - €15,68. One can never have too many iPhone cases, it's just fun to change it up.

4. Whey Protein Powder Chocolate - Gold Standard - €24,90. This one is for all the gymrats out there. My boyfriend is definitely categorized amongst them and likes to mix protein shakes in his diet. Gold Standard is a well known brand and you can't go wrong with it. My man's favorite taste is chocolate and I find it the most yummy as well!

5. Moisturizer for men - Dove - €10,68. They probably won't admit it, but men like to moisturize as much as we do. Haven't noticed your moisturizer disappearing since getting a boyfriend? 2014 is the time to get him his own bottle!

6. Tomorrowland 2013 The Arising of Life CD - €21,99. I picked out this CD for my boyfriend since he likes clubbing music, but you can get him any other CD of course!

7. King Apparel Flannel 5 Cap: ASOS - €43,84. A cap or beanie is a great gift for Christmas. The weather is at its coldest, so thinking of his frosty ears will be highly appreciated!

8. Grey Goose - 70cl/ €34,95, Jack Daniels - 70cl/ €15,25. This one is for 18+ or 21+ (depending on where you live) only. During the holidays alcohol is more consumed thanks to many dinners and parties. A bottle of Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, Bacardi,... will be a nice addition to any pre-or afterparty.

9. Dsquared He Wood Perfume - 50ml/ €53,10. Who doesn't like a nice smelling man, right? Ok, ok androstenol is the scent produced by fresh male sweat and attracts women, but that doesn't mean women don't appreciate a clean perfume smell from times to time (or rather most of the time)! The He Wood Dsquared perfume is currently my favorite and I strongly recommend to try it out on your boy!

What do you think of these gifts? And do you have any other ideas? I'm really excited to hand out my presents already! Only 11 days left, woohoo! 

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  1. What a fun idea!!! Even if you didn't send it, I can think of other fun ways to use this idea at home with my kids. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

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