December 10, 2013


Some people use makeup to enhance their features, some people to cover up things and some use it to experiment and try out different looks. This makeup artist from Israel takes the experimental part to a whole other level and lets the creativity flow like nothing you've seen before. These eye makeup looks aren't made for everyday wear, but can be described as little pieces of art. The artist, Tal Peleg, gets a lot of her inspiration from fairy tales, movies and Disney. I've picked out some of my favorite looks, but she also has her own Facebook page so you can check out all of her amazing work! 

Snow White

I love this look! Without the rainbow it would be a wearable but still sexy and smokey look.



The Princess and The Frog
How cool that the eyebrow is her hair, so creative!

The Moomins
I loved the Moomins when I was little!

Kick-ass inspired


As you can see Tal Peleg is one talented lady and was born to do makeup! I hope she keeps making fun looks that are so inspiring, I'm definitely keeping my eyes on her.

To check out more of her work

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