March 5, 2014


Hi everyone, today I'm reviewing a product I've been using daily for the past three months. A good day cream is an essential for any morning routine so find out what I think about the Diadermine Essential Care Hydra Balance Day Cream next! 

This is how the packaging looks like, it contains a lot of information about the ingredients and the working of the product. I translated a bit from Dutch: "De normal to combination skin often shows different components, a shiny nose, chin and forehead, while the cheeks are mostly a bit dryer. The Laboratoires DIADERMINE have developed the HYDRA BALANCE DAY CREAM, specifically for the needs of the normal to combination skin."

"How it works:
Shine Control: The Balance Complex mattifies the shiny areas of the face and brings balance to the skin.
Hydration: The skin absorbs the light and fast absorbing formula with vitamin E and leaves you with highly hydrated skin, from first use already.
Protection: Contains UVA/UVB filters which protect against aging caused by UV light."

"Visible result: The skin is hydrated for a long time and is well protected. Your skin looks fresh and shining with a natural result."

I absolutely love this day cream. As I said before I have been using this cream for three months, I'm currently on my second jar, and it works perfect for my combination skin.  After I get out of the shower my skin feels extremely dry so I need to moisturize immediately. While other day creams have left me with greasy skin that would break out, the Diadermine Hydra Balance gives me exactly the right amount of moisture but also mattifies my shiny areas (mainly nose and forehead).

I would recommend it to women in their twenties with combination to oily skin. It's only €9,99 for 50 ml, which lasts me for about six weeks!

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