April 23, 2014


A nice festival is something everyone can look forward to once in a while. Some celebs couldn't get enough of the first weekend Coachella so decided to party it up again a second weekend. Many fabulous ladies took over the festival and wowed again in their most creative outfits. Let's take a look at the fashion at Coachella Weekend 2!

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens added pink strands to her hair for a hint of color to go with her all black outfit.

Ellie Goulding
Ellie looked like a sexy hero, on and off stage.

Kendall Jenner

Dita Von Teese
The most classy lady at Coachella went for a classic floral pants and her signature red lips.

Solange Knowles

Victoria Justice

I guess someone didn't find her short shorts short enough, Beyonce showed off her toned legs in super sexy shorts. Can't blame Jay Z for standing behind her all night... 

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