April 3, 2014


Festivals are right behind the corner, which means your inner hippie can come out and let loose again! To finish off any bohemian styled festival outfit you definitely need a headband with your loose messy locks. Especially the big flower headbands are in this season.
 I gathered some of my favorite fun and dressy headbands to wear to any party this spring and summer! Take a look and dream of hotter days, sexy boys, nice music and go buy your favorite headband after you're done! 

ASOS Beaded Flower Headband 

Deepa Gurnani Headband Orange/Blue

Topshop Twist Headband 

Urban Outfitters Athena Headband

Missguided Purple Bagheera Embellished Headband

Deepa Gurnani Embellished Headband

Urban Outfitters Falling Feathers Tie-Back Headband

Urban Outfitters Garden Head Daisy Crown 

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  1. Zo leuk <3 dit zou ik ook zo dragen. Staat zo schattig & romantisch.