February 19, 2013


Another nail tutorial today. I saw this technique for the first time in a youtube video of Evelina Barry (link: and it inspired me to make a post about it. It is definitely a fun and creative way to style your nails.

What you will need:
nail polish remover
2 nail polishes (preferably at least 1 that covers in one coat)
zigzag scissors
top coat

1. Start off with clean nails. Remove leftover nail polish and file.
2. Paint your nails in the color you like. I applied two coats of a white polish. Let your nails dry.
3. Take a pair of ZigZag scissors (don't know if it has another name!) and cut out pieces of tape. You can make these as thick/thin as you want.
4. Make sure your nails are completely dry. Put on the piece(s) of tape on your nail as wanted. Put a coat of the other color on your nail (over the tape) and take off the tape carefully with tweezers while it's still wet.
Let it dry and put a top coat on your nails.

White & blue

Nude & gold

Red Glitter accent nail

x x x

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