February 7, 2013


Hi everybody!

The last couple of weeks I haven't been shopping a whole lot. Well.. at least not in the offline world. The ONLINE world is another story..

Because I lock myself up in the house during exam and test months, I spend a lot of time on the computer. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, tumblr are great entertainment during short breaks. But during the longer ones I like to check out sales! Online window shopping is the best break I can imagine. It makes me think of all the occasions and parties I will be able to wear these clothing items. And because I can't always control myself, especially when there are sales up to 70%, I got a haul from asos for you today!

And these final two items were actually presents. I bought this snake purse for my sister and the Las Vegas T-shirt for my boyfriend. 

I bought all of the items on sale, except the snake purse for my sister which was € 38,00, full price.
If you are interested in buying on asos you can always visit their website
They offer a lot of different brands and styles, everytime I visit the website I always find something I like. AND another big plus: free shipping! :)

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