May 16, 2013



KIWI - Kiwis contain vitamin C, which is critical for circulation to the scalp and supports the tiny blood vessels that feed the follicles of your hair. 

SALMON & AVOCADO - Both ingredients are rich in protein and vitamin D, which are essential to get strong hair and nails. Both also contain omega 3, which are fatty acids the body can't produce itself, and is necessary to grow hair.

WALNUTS - Also contains omega 3, but besides that these nuts are rich in biotin and vitamin E, this helps your hair and nails from DNA damage. Walnuts also help to keep your natural hair color rich. 

EGGS - Not only are eggs great for gym fanatics because of the high level of protein, they're also great for your hair. Eggs contain zinc and iron. Which a lot of women lack of and is one of the biggest causes of hair loss amongst women. 

GREEK YOGURT - Contains protein and vitamin D (which keeps your hair follicles healthy). 


Low-fat dairy products contain lots of vitamin A which is important for healthy looking skin. But be careful with milk consumption, it has been shown that too much milk can lead to acne and clogged pores. 

High fiber foods help your body hold water and are the richest source of healthy skin promoting nutrients. Whole grains have compounds used to make skin firming elastin and collagen.

Almonds are packed full of vitamin E and healthy fats. They lower your cholesterol and keep your cell membranes strong and intact. They're great for youthful looking skin.

These delicious berries are very known for slowing down the aging process.

Not only is salmon great for your hair, it also works wonders for you skin. The omega-3 keep your cell membranes healthy and the walls of the cells strong. This way the water is locked in the cell, making your skin look more plump and vibrant. 

This under appreciated veggie helps repair skin cells and slow down skin cancer cells. It also restores cells that have been damaged by the sun because of the lutein, fiber and folate.


COFFEE - Coffee can help improve physical performance and help burn fat. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and raises the metabolism. Of course you can't consume caffeine unlimited. An average of 2-3 cups a day is recommended.

GRAPEFRUIT - There are lots of crash diets using grapefruits as main ingredient. But without changing you diet and just eating half a grapefruit before every meal can help you lose up to a pound a week. A compound in the tangy fruit can lower insulin ( a fat-storage hormone) and can lead to weight loss. Grapefruits are also a great source of protein and water.

OATS - Oats are rich in fiber and eating them in the morning helps you feel full throughout the day. Oats are healthy carbs that boost the metabolism and burn fat.  

GREEN TEA - This type of tea is well known in plenty of weight loss books. It is filling like water, and contains antioxidants that will speed up your fat burn and calorie burn. 5 cups a day can help you lose twice as much weight.


In general raw fruit and vegetables are great for your teeth. They have a fibrous nature which requires a lot of chewing. An apple in particular is nature's toothbrush. Eating an apple stimulates your gums and increases saliva flow in the mouth, this prevents cavity buildup as it cleanses the teeth surface. 

Celery is a great weapon to control bacteria inside your mouth. While eating celery, you will also produce more saliva which prevents plaque production. 

Strawberries have an acid content, this may sound unhealthy but it can actually brighten and whiten up your teeth. How? Mash up a ripe strawberry and dip your toothbrush in it, then brush your teeth softly and carefully.

No, I'm not saying you should eat 20 snicker bars a day! But cocoa is good for your teeth. It is filled with a substance that helps to reduce gum inflammation. Dark chocolate is an excellent choice to prevent tooth decay, and to relax after a stressful day of course!

The only condition is it has to be sugar-free gum. So put away the pink and blue Bubblicious sweet gums and chew on some sugar frees to degrade tooth enamel. When chewing for a long time you are also exercising and will strengthen your jaw.

I hope you found this useful and will remember some of my tips next time you're doing your groceries. And to end with a clich√©, you are what you eat! 

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