May 27, 2013


Water may not be your favorite beverage during the day, but it is the most healthy option. Your body consists 60 to 70% out of water depending on your body size), so this makes it a very healthy and natural option. But what exactly are the health and beauty benefits of drinking water? I did some research and wanted to share the most important advantages of drinking water. 

No more cramps and sprains. Proper hydration helps to keep your joints and muscles lubricated, which reduces the chance to get cramps or sprains. Drinking water is also necessary for a proper digestion and will decrease chances of getting constipated. 
Energizes. Water is used by the body to help flush out the toxins and waste products from your body. When you don't drink enough water, your organs (heart, kidneys) need to work harder to pump out the oxygenated blood to all cells. This will exhaust your organs, and you as well!  
Reduces headaches. The brain consists mostly out of water. Dehydration is a very common cause of headaches. 
Daily good moods. Drinking the right amount of water is good for your mental health. Drinking enough water gives you a healthy body, you will have an energetic body which will have a positive effect on your mind and emotions.

Get clear and healthy skin. Having sufficient fluids within the body helps to replenish skin tissues, maintain the elasticity of skin tissues and ensures that the skin is sufficiently hydrated. Water flushes out toxins and eliminates dirt that clogs the pours of your skin, giving you a healthier glow. 
Glossy hair. Drinking water can make frizzy and brittle hair healthier. Water will hydrate all cells in your body, but also your hair. Hydrated cells will lead to glossy and shiny hair (IF you also eat enough vitamins and aren't suffering from any illnesses). 
Essential for weight loss. You have probably heard this a lot before, but how exactly does drinking water make you lose weight? It works in a couple of ways. First of all, when you feel hungry or are craving food, it is possible you are actually thirsty. Drink a glass of water before eating something, you might not feel hungry after. Secondly, drinking water during a meal makes you feel full sooner, which will make you feel satisfied and will decrease your calorie intake. And lastly the process of burning calories requires a supply of water in order to function effectively. Dehydration slows down your metabolism and the fat burning process.

You can calculate how much water your body needs on this website. 
The average amount for a woman is 1,5 to 2 liters a day. 

I have always loved drinking water, but there are times I prefer drinking juice or a fizzy drink. Of course you are allowed to switch it up, but try to balance it out. For example drink 2 glasses of water before every meal and lots of water during exercise, save the juices and fizzy drinks for during the weekends or a hard day at work/school! 

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