May 10, 2013


The L'oréal Paris Elseve re-nutrition mask has been on the market for a while now, but I have recently bought it and thought I'd do a little review about it. It's the same as the L'oréal Paris Elvive Re-nutrition mask , just another name I guess! 

The mask is meant for dry and damaged hair and it has a thick, creamy texture with a yellow golden color. It says it contains royal jelly. A hairdresser once told me blondes need to be careful with the colors of shampoos and conditioners or masks. Purple shampoos will remove brassy, yellow/orange tones from your hair. Which can be used when you bleach your hair. And yellow products can add warmth to the hair, or even make it look brassy. This is something I always keep in mind, but it differs from product to product. Some hair products really do effect the color of my hair, but some don't. Luckily this mask didn't. I only want hair dye, or lemon to lighten my hair naturally in summer, to change the color of my hair!

What I like about the L'oréal Paris Elseve/ Elvive Re-nutrition hair mask: 
Scent: the smell stays very long in your hair, every time you turn your head you're reminded of the mask. It is a bit of a strong smell, a honey/ floral sweet scent, which I really like in hair products. 
Softness: my hair feels so soft when I use this and It doesn't matter which shampoo I use. You can comb your hair very easily, even when it's still wet. 

What I don't like about the L'oréal Elseve/ Elvive Re-nutrition hair mask:
Greasiness: When you use the mask on your roots, you hair will be greasy in no time. I make sure to only use it on the lengths and ends of my hair. 
Heaviness: I wash my hair every two to three days and use a mask after every wash. But my sister used this mask every day for a while, which made her hair very heavy and it was hard to get volume back into her hair. She doesn't have this with other conditioners or masks. So I wouldn't recommend it for daily use. 
Not much repairing: My hair feels very soft and smooth after using the mask, but I don't think it's much repairing my hair. I feel like it just puts a recovering layer on my hair, but doesn't absorb into my hair and recover damage. 

Would I buy this mask again? 
Yes, I would buy it again for the great honey jelly scent, but not for repairing my hair.

You can get this mask at the drugstore from € 7,20 or $9,20. 

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