July 3, 2013


Today I'm talking about one of the greatest beauty inventions of all time, CLIP IN EXTENSIONS! I have been a fan of these babies for over six years now and don't think I'll ever fall out of love. Clip in extensions are super easy to apply and versatile in styles. They're very easy to manage and unlike permanent extensions you can just clip them out at times you don't want to wear them. For example when you go to the beach, work out, want to sleep comfortably,... Besides their user friendliness clip ins have to offer, they're also way less expensive than keratine extensions. Especially when you make them yourself. I will show you how to do so now, so let's get started!

hair wefts 
thread (in the same color as your extensions)

Buy your hair wefts in a hair shop or online. (For the Belgian readers, I get mine in Antwerp in the Offerandestraat. There are a lot of hair shops here with a large variety of hair in color and texture.) You can buy 100% human hair or synthetic hair. The synthetic hair is less expensive but you won't be able to curl or straighten it and it is a bit more shiny than human hair. 

I bought two sets of 100% human hair, 18", in two shades. Brown/reddish and light brown/blonde ones. I mix these two colors together to give more depth to my hair. My own hair has a lot of different colors in it too, so this way the extensions will match my natural hair better. 
Choosing the right shade that matches your own hair is very important. Noticeable extensions are a big no no, so make sure to take your time to pick out the right shade. 

I wear three wefts around the crown of my head and two on the sides of my head. You need to measure the wefts around your head so they will fit perfectly. 

Now cut the extensions as you have measured them. 

You are left with one weft. 

Now cut the same size extension again. These two will be sewn together, to make the extension thicker. 

Lay out the clips on your extensions. This way you get an idea of where to sew them and how many space you should leave in between the clips. I usually put three clips on the lowest weft, four clips on the middle and top weft, and two clips on each side weft. 

Now sew the clip on your extension. Sew through the top hole of the clip. 

When you feel the clip is secure enough, cut through the thread and tie the ends together in two knots. 

Finished clip, front view. 

Finished clip, back view.

Sew on the second layer on your extension. I sew this layer on the back of the extensions for the wefts around my head. 
In this photo a side weft is shown. I use a smaller piece of weft that suits between the two clips. I do this to make sure the weft isn't too thick, so it won't look bumpy on the sides of my head. 

Finished result.

All you have to do now is cut them and you're done! I always try to cut mine very natural, to remove the blunt and straight line of the extensions. 
I hope you liked this tutorial and you will try it out yourself. I've loving this method for a long time, clip ins are definitely my fave kind of extensions! 

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  1. I've always thought using clip in extensions is a clever way to dramatically change your look in less than an hour. It's awesome how people can finally make one themselves. Now, everyone has a chance to look just as gorgeous as you do. Thanks for sharing that, Kathy! Stay beautiful! :)

    Tommy Clark @ Her Hair Company Inc.