December 23, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I wanted to freshen up my hair color to match my new Bellami hair extensions better. Since I ordered the chestnut brown ones, I needed to add some warmth to my current hair color. I found the Garnier Nutrisse Creme hair dyes in the drugstore and picked out two shades.

I planned on only using the light chestnut brown (n°54) dye, but if it would turn out too light I would use the cold chestnut brown (n°4.15) to add some lowlights. 

As you can see on the box, n°53 is a very warm color with red and orange tones. 

I took some strands of my hair and wrapped them in foil, so they wouldn't get dyed and would serve as highlights. I followed the instruction and let the dye sit for about 30 minutes. (I always start counting when I'm completely finished applying the product.) 


This is how my hair looked like right after I dyed it. I just let it air dry, I didn't do any styling to it, so it does look a bit dry and messy. 

This is how my hair looks like now, two weeks after I dyed it. 
As you can see, it turned out a warm medium brown color.

What I like about the Garnier Nutrisse Creme Chestnut:
The smell of the dye and the conditioner. Amazing sweet and fruity scents that stayed in my hair up to two days after. 
The shine and softness. It really did feel like my hair had been nurtured. Of course dyeing your hair is never healthy, but it didn't feel as damaging as other box hair dyes I have used. 
The color is long lasting. After two weeks the dye has lightened a little bit, but overall the color is still holding up pretty well.

What I don't like about the Garnier Nutrisse Creme Chestnut: 
The color came out too dark and not warm enough. The picture on the box shows a reddish warm color, this is why I bought this shade. Unfortunately I couldn't find enough warmth in my after color. I also thought the color would turn out lighter than it did. 

Would I buy the Garnier Nutrisse Creme Chestnut again? 
Yes, I would buy another Garnier Nutrisse Creme hair dye again because I like the quality of the hair dye. It makes your hair feel healthy, smells nice and the color is long lasting. However I wouldn't buy the chestnut shade again. It's a couple of shades too dark on my hair. 

I hope you found this review useful! Good luck if you're trying out a new shade for the new year!

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  1. I think this color in much nicer for you,then the lighter.